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Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Classic from Small Sprog...

This evening Small Sprog, Tall Girl and I were stuck on the M4 while trying to get to a Christmas event. We were quiet excited but prepared for lots of traffic, consequently we traveled with a large bag containing electronic games, a flask and some food, Mince Pies, Pringles, Chocolate biscuits (kindly donated) and some Clementines (just so as to look a little healthy!). Most of this was for Small Sprog, honestly!

We also had the radio on, Chris Evans on the 'All request Friday' programme. I quite like listening to him on a Friday night, and the people who ring in and say what they are doing for the weekend. This evening, whilst we were stuck in a four lane jam, he had a very chatty woman speaking on his show. When he had finished talking to her he commented on air, saying 'She was nice'.
Small Sprog piped up from the seat next to me 'Of course she was' He said
'What do you mean, of course she was?' I said surprised
'Well she's a lady, she's bound to be nice' He exclaimed 'Women are caring'
I was quite taken aback. Sometimes he shocks me with the contents of his head! Then he continued 'I'm just a bit confused'
I gave him a look. 'What about?'
He had a serious look on his face 'I haven't discovered the bit about how you get them to do all the work yet' He states
My jaw dropped. For once I was speechless!


BS5 Blogger said...

Top skills, Small Sprog. He's a dude and a half.

Chic Mama said...

I think your son is going to grow up to be a comedian. ;0))

nick said...

Goodness, he's picking up the essentials of (bad) male behaviour alarmingly fast. Some corrective education needed here.

Or maybe yes, we give him the benefit of the doubt and a glittering future in stand-up is on the horizon.

Maggie May said...

Well lets hope that he is managing to break out of the mould of men, then. With apologies to any who are present! LOL!

Believe it or not....... the word verification this time is DRIVER!

Nuts in May

Furtheron said...

ROFL... what a guy!

BTW - when he has figured it out do you think he'd share it with me? ;-)

Steve said...

Wow. To be such a real man at such a young age is impressive!

Rose said...

This is a classic! He's either going to be a comedian when he grows up or a salesman:)

Actually, I think he's quite wise for such a young man. Reminds me of a coffee mug I have--on one side it says, "They finally found something to do the work of 10 men..." and on the other, "A woman"!

Letty said...

ha ha! He always makes me laugh, Small Sprog I mean, not Chris Evans!

Although I, like you, enjoy All Request Friday especially when he plays "Blockbuster" by Sweet, as he did last week!!

My kitchen was rocking!

Read your Christmas tree post as well, just wanted to say, you will get through this.

I was thinking about something which happened to me a while back, I thought at one point I would never get through it.

Then realised, you do get through it, it is surprising what you can manage.

I will tell you more about this via an email perhaps........

It is still too raw.

However, I realised, sometimes, kind of like "panic attacks" such stuff cannot last forever, you come out the other side.

And the sun is shining!

Ever Optimistic Letty xxxxx