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Monday, December 21, 2009


Woke to this this morning. A lovely surprise for the children who played until they were wet through over and over again. I was enjoying their delight but secretly hoping that I would not be stranded here for days on end with Husband!

Small Sprog, Tall Girl, the Nit Children and a few 'Hangers On' built this snowman. Later however, somehow or other, he lost his head (the snowman, not Small Sprog, though confusion could be forgiven!) So when we went out to see some other friends this afternoon, the children decided to make him a replacement head. We brought it home in a Sainsburys carrier bag. The head was named Trev. The body remains unnamed!!


Chic Mama said...

I've been thinking about you...wasn't your mediation appt the other day or have I got it wrong?
Love that you brought the head home...where is it now? In the freezer? ;0)

French Fancy said...

Kids and dogs love snow. People like me without a good sense of balance hate it. I know it looks lovely from inside but I worry perpetually about falling over - especially when pulled along by my huskies (oh ok, bichons then)

Good luck with the run up to this stressful time for cooks everywhere


Suburbia said...

Hi CM, thanks for thinking of me :) Mediation on 5th Jan. Think of you too, it will get better.

FF, I too am a little unbalanced!

Jennysmith said...

I remember treasuring the snowman in my back garden as a child. Sadly he did not come to life like in Raymond Briggs story.

Yes, you probably have mixed feelings about the snow.

Happy Christmas sweetie xxxx

nick said...

Funny how we always make snowmen and never snowwomen. But then, I guess gals would have more sense than to hang around in gardens in sub-zero temperatures.

Furtheron said...

word of advice... be careful who you talk to about carrying heads home in carrier bags... someone might get the wrong end of the stick :-)

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

you and me both!!! hope you get onto the pc over the xmas freeze..
l'm not sure l'll get through it either!!

Rose said...

Everything looks magical with a little cover of snow! Lol, glad the snowman now has a head once again:)

Steve said...

Snow brings out the wonder in us all... but it's always nice heading back inside to a warm fire...!

Carol said...

I was inspired by Calvin and Hobbs a few years back and my then boyfriend and I built and anatomically correct snowwoman in my Mum's front garden. She was mortified but everyone that walked passed laughed and pointed...

Glad the kids had fun :-)

C x

Maggie May said...

Well I suppose if the head is called Trev..... then the body must belong to him too!
I think snow is for children and childlike adults! That used to be me, but now I only see it as another complication in life.
Hope you all enjoy it while you can!

Have a great Christmas. X

Nuts in May

the eternal worrier said...

Hey Sub, thanks for reading and leaving comments over the last year. I hope 2010 gets better for you (I'm sure it will) and things get sorted. Have a wonderful Christmas with the children. EW xx

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hello Suburbia,

Here's to you and yours...wishing you all a very happy, snowy Christmas and a wonderful new year 2010! Hadriana xx

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

ha ha! Loved this post!

We have more snow than you can shake a stick at, if you were so inclined that is!

Snow is good for the first few hours, then finding the car, finding the drive, just finding your feet, becomes a challenge.

Then Dog decides Yellow Snow is this Year's Colour......then my tiled floor in the porch becomes lethal because of wet boots, shoes etc and far too slippy, then it takes five hours to dress up against the cold (minus 10 degrees tonight), then, and only then, do I long for Summer.

Have a lovely Christmas, I will raise a wee glass to you and Small Sprog and Tall Girl - my good wishes are with you three.

May life treat you better next year and all your dreams come true.

And may Husband, one day, realise, what exactly he has lost, in losing you.

Letty Who is signed in as her dog.

sorry but too tired tonight to change my login!