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Friday, December 04, 2009


No, it's not to get my Revenge! I have just, probably unwisely, purchased one of these for Small Sprog for Christmas.

I have always tried to avoid buying guns for him, though I have to admit to a water pistol purchase a couple of summers ago, but somehow, that didn't seem to count. Has he been deprived do you think? I just have a 'thing' about glorifying the whole idea of shooting and killing. But then I am a girl, and have realised over the years, that boys will turn anything into a gun, if they don't actually have a toy one. Any stick, cardboard tube, coat hanger, bamboo cane, finger, anything in fact, that is not spherical can be 'imagined' into a gun.

So, this year when someone bought him a spud gun he was thrilled. His first real weapon! He loved it, and every potato in the house had holes in. But then he went to play with his best friend who had one of the items pictured here, The Elastic Band Gun, he raved about its specifications and waxed lyrical about its potential! For him this was it, this was SO much better than a spud gun, especially when aimed at the neighbours cat, which, of course I was extremely cross about!

Anyway, I am having trouble knowing what to buy him this year, especially as I have to think of ideas for items for other relatives to buy for him. Often not just thinking, but buying too -how does that happen exactly?- So I have grabbed the bull by the horns and bought it. He is a boy after all, and I have learnt and accepted that they are a totally different race altogether, I know he will be pleased. Luckily we live in a 'cat hating' neighbourhood and the ones that do live close, scarper on first contact!

I wonder how many injuries I will sustain?!

Today I received a letter in the post from the Family Mediation Service. It is a last ditch attempt to solve custody without going to court. The solicitor arranged it and I have been waiting for a week now to speak to them. I rang as soon as I opened the letter and they can see me in the first week of January. Obviously they have to see both of us. Separately first, to see if there is 'room' for mediation and compromise, and then together to 'thrash it out'. I am more than willing to try it and have high hopes, my appointment is booked. However I can't do it single handed, Husband has to agree to go too. They have given him until the 17th December to make his appointment. If he does not make one, mine will be cancelled and then to court we will go. All I can do is hope.


Maggie May said...

So its you leaving l those rubber bands all over the place round my house & I had wondered why all the cats in the neighbourhood were limping!!!!!!!

Hope the mediation is going to be a success. Well worth a try.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hope indeed, Suburbia....good luck for all of that.

Are you arranging for a festive present of a kitten
for Small Sprog to shoot at?

Ribbon said...

I have a son (5 yr old) and I have managed to date to avoid buying a gun. Yes we have had water pistols... it's Australia, very hot.

Anyway good luck with the mediation. Sounds like you need it.

take care and I hope something lovely comes your way soon.... believe it and it will.

x Ribbon

Ribbon said...

ps... I don't know why you haven't been able to access my blog.
I've had trouble with others in the past too.
Here's the address if this is any help

it's titled...
fragments treasures memory

good luck with it and if I don't see you... I completely understand

:) Ribbon

Steve said...

You're so right about boys and guns - ours will use anything to make guns and swords so in the end we gave up and just bought him toy versions. A foam sword is easier on flesh and bone than a branch found in a forest...

Hope your husband sees sense and agrees to the appointment. He'd be a fool not to.

nick said...

It's difficult, this guns and violent toys thing. I agree that ideally you should never buy such things for a boy, it only encourages the worst aspects of masculinity. Unfortunately they get a taste for it anyway from all the relentless advertising, films and other media images, so trying not to "corrupt" him is probably pretty futile.

I hope husband sees some sense on this occasion and agrees to mediation.

French Fancy said...

Well, Mr FF at the grand old age of 35 still makes gun fingers at various things and makes the suitable noise. They never really grow up, do they?

Hope your bete noir gets his arse in gear and arranges the appointment


Anonymous said...

where there is mediation, there is hope honey. even he mustrealise that court means delay,worry and expense. youwill be praisyed

Akelamalu said...

You're right, boys will turn anything into a gun no matter what you do to discourage them!

I do hope you and your hubby get to mediation and it works. So much better than court. x

Carol said...

He will love it and you will be the best Mum in the world EVER for getting it for him!!

Good luck with the mediation...I really really hope he sees sense!!

C x

Dori said...

All the best with the mediation! The kiddos will most certainly fare better if kept out of court.

Oh...and I'm enjoying the snow on your blog again!

Rose said...

These "guns" look like some my dad made when my boys were younger--they had great fun shooting the rubber bands all over the house. You're right--somehow little boys can turn anything into a gun. The spud gun sounds intriguing:)

Best of luck with the mediator; I have my fingers crossed for you that Husband cooperates.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

There is no point not letting him have a toy gun............he would only make a pretend one from a stick or something, or some Lego, so best let him get it out of his system.

I don't have much more to say on the matter really. Because of "the tragedy" which happened here, where I live, (you know where that is!) I used to think it was terrible to let them have toy guns, but age and maturity, and time passing, have changed my mind.

Both my two boys had toy guns/swords when they were younger, and both have turned out to be gentle giants.

Hope you can get to the mediation, Husband should go, definitely, he really should make an effort to do this, it is the least he can do.

Thinking of you.

Letty ;0D xxxxx

Mean Mom said...

Believe it or not - I played with guns as a child. I often pretended to be a cowboy. It was just playing - like acting, I tend to think. Children know the difference. I haven't grown up to be a violent person at all.

Hope that the mediation works out for you.

Jennysmith said...

The thing is, Sub, if you don't buy him a gun, he'll make a gun out of something anyway. Thats what my sister in law says.

Sounds like Husband is really being silly at the moment. Will send my worry dolls round.


Chic Mama said...

As you say they find a way anyway. My two year old even makes a gun with his fingers.
I've bought the older two spud guns...they're going to be disappointed as they'd really like BB guns. Lots of their friends have them but I will refuse forever on those.
My fingers are crossed for you that he will make the appointment. x