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Monday, March 03, 2008

Shopping with mother

So switching mothers day went well. The flowers were reduced and the restaurants were empty. Well actually not actually a restaurant, more.....well really (god my life is so exciting), a garden centre.
My mothers idea of a good day out; shopping (the window sort, with no intention of purchasing anything, and it was bloody freezing today) and then lunch amid the polyanthus.
The shopping was in what was my 'old home town', which, I thought may prove interesting. A chance meeting with an old friend perhaps? I found myself looking at the faces of people and trying to decide if I had been at school with them. They all looked sooooooo OLD. No one recognised me either.
'Isn't it nice to relax?' she said as we walked along in a head on force ten from the Arctic, 'you need to relax after the sort of Mothers Day you've had!' I should never ring her to let off steam about the children.
It occurred to me that she thought this was what I really wanted to do. In which case, I wonder what she really would have chosen to do for her belated Mothers day?


Eternal Worrier said...

It feels rude not to leave a comment here. So... congrats on the 1yr anniversary. Good luck in life for the next.

Anonymous said...

I find it is always good to read the first post of a blog, it kinda sets the scene and the tone for future enjoyment and interest.

Thank you for directing me to No. 1 post!

(ps I am sorry I have been quiet, there has been a lot going on here, more on my blog a bit later!)

Letty ;0)