Almost daily diary!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Small Sprog is doing his homework, sort of. He has a YouTube vid playing on the ipad blasting into his ears through his headphones, he has a web page open for research on the PC and his head is swivelling around intermittently to watch the TV. Who says boys don't multi-task? However perhaps this is not the scenario the teacher envisaged when he set the homework! I encourage him to concentrate...

Later I ask him if I can 'borrow' his Beano back catalogue for school and he scowls  "They'll get damaged" he says "and then I won't make any money on them!" Then he continues "I'm a 'man of profit  you know". He grins at me. My Small Sprog; you've gotta love him?!

Meanwhile Tall Girl goes off to find the old and delinquent cat who happily chucked up on the stairs as we returned home and then took his spittly covered face off to my bedroom - unbeknown to me. She retrieves him from my bed and brings him down. Lovely. He instantly plonks himself on my lap disabling both my arms  so that I can barely type, digging his claws into my leg to enhance stability (his) as I reach for the 'querty' keys! Sleeping, smelly old cats are a bit like babies, I muse; best left undisturbed when sleeping.

I complain that he is now being a nuisance and she is offended for him. She loves that stinky old bag of bones very much. She too is doing homework. Is there ever any 'down time' any more? And why is that bag of bones not on her lap I wonder as the next round of cooking dinner beckons...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Stealing time

I am writing this in stolen time. I should be at work but poor Small Sprog is home again after vomiting up his meal last night. He didn't sleep much. I am worried. He is anxious.

As for Tall Girl, well, she only has about 6 weeks left of school then it's GCSE's followed by a massive gap of nothingness! I can't believe it. Where does the time go? It doesn't seem long since I was writing here about her first day at 'Big School' and now she's close to her last. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions over those last 5 years, phew, no wonder the hairdresser convinced me into a 'new look'!

All that time, all that rushing about and making deadlines; I look at them both and try to remember them small and portable, remembering the days when they took up less space on a sofa and went to bed before I did! Tall Girl is 16 and a half now and planning driving lessons in the autumn, Small Sprog has reached 13 and has become fairly monosyllabic, grunting and growling when he can get by with that form of communication rather than actual words! He always had dog habits, now he even sounds like one!

Still, I can hear the hamster wheel calling once again, I must depart forthwith. Working double the hours that I used to work has really caught up with me this year. So, off I go, scampering into the distance once again. Catch you next time around...

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