Almost daily diary!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Answers on a postcard please?

'He's carrying a gun around' Tall Girl observes
'I know, he's been doing it all weekend.' I say, sighing.
'I wasn't here at the weekend'
'I know, you haven't had to put up with him shooting at will!'
'So why is he carrying a gun around?'
'He's a boy!'

Small Sprog has been rummaging in his toy cupboard. Amongst other things he has found his old elastic band gun. He has been brandishing it about for days and has an uncanny knack of looking quite professional with it - until you remember it is only loaded with elastic bands, phew!

All weekend there have been lots of little trails of blue elastic bands left around the house, if they'd have been red it would have been the Postman leaving them about, but they are definitely blue, so it must be Small Sprog! Well, that's a relief in  itself I suppose!

Several times I have been caught unawares, on entering a room, only to be shot at or at the very least be threatened! His gun is to hand at all times, he likes the satisfying click of the trigger. Right now it is on his bedside table, fully loaded, ready for action as he lies next to it, appearing to be asleep!

So, back to Tall Girls question; why is he carrying a gun around? The older he gets, the less I understand...answers on a postcard please?