Almost daily diary!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A week to go!

Only a week of anticipation left! It's the best bit really, as long as you can get festive and still work in a senior school that is, boring humbug of a place! Both Tall Girl and Small Sprog have had enough of it and so have I, it's all 'Bah-humbug' with a fair amount of stress thrown into the mix.

However, here in suburbia, the lights are twinkling, the festive candles are lit, the decorations have been up a while and the advent calendars are looking low on gifts. Breath in....and out...bliss, now if only the work would just STOP, we can get on with the serious stuff of enjoying ourselves!

Small Sprog isn't singing Christmas jingles from the telly this year - must be the first time in his entire life- and I think that's mainly due to him maxing out on gaming sites, lets face it, the world could end and you'd never notice if you were playing on one of 'those' games. Despite the lack of singing though, Small Sprog is feeling festive. He has bought his sister 2 presents this year, carefully chosen, as always. When he came home with his stash a week or so ago, he rushed up stairs and thrashed about in my cupboards for a while looking for paper and tape before proudly announcing that he had been the first to put wrapped presents under the tree this year 'and it does make me feel very Christmassy' he added. I love how he loves Christmas.

If I don't get here again before next Wednesday...

Happy Christmas Everyone XXX