Almost daily diary!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's a Miracle!

Small Sprogs feet have grown! It's a miracle! Small Sprog has had the same size feet for near on 2  years. His sisters feet have grown all of her life, to the point where clown shoes almost became a reality. But Small Sprogs feet just refused to grow; I was close to taking him to the doctor about it, but yay, all of a sudden they have become one and a half sizes bigger, no less!

We did the hideous 'Back to School' shopping trip yesterday and a new pair of shoes was called for, but not just one pair, this means trainers, casual shoes, football boots, rugby boots and wellies! Great.

Last night Tall Girl and I were talking excitedly. She passed all her GCSE's -except 1- with C and above. She has done so well and I'm really proud of her. It was a relief too! She is looking forward to going into 6th form - the first time in her life that she has ever wanted to go back to school.

Anyway, we were talking excitedly and then Tall Girl said "He's got a moustache too" She was referring to his 'bum-fluff' which is quite pronounced
"I know" I whispered as he was within earshot, yet totally absorbed in his on-line game -he has never wanted to grow up you see.
"He's actually growing a moustache!" She repeats incredulously, and then she adds "So am I"!!!
"I've got some bleach I can give you for that" I mumble retreating from the conversation...

Monday, August 05, 2013

Hello World!

Hello world! Yes, I am still here and so are Small Sprog - now not quite so small as he was - and Tall Girl - who is taller than me but I don't admit it in her presence! And here we are below just to prove our existence!

Small Sprog has reached his teens and embraced it with gusto. No more washing, if he can help it, and not a lot of talking either, just the occasional grunt when presented with food or drink! How sad, no really it is, my lovely little monster has gone all quiet on me. I am told they get over it eventually; I really hope so.

However sometimes we have moments of clarity when I can actually have a conversation with him...

Recently I was offered an interview (not a new job but promotion in my current position). We were in the car and I thought I'd mention the upcoming event.

"Small Sprog" I said "I've got an interview at the end of this week, what do you think I should wear?" He looked at me as thought I'd just dropped out of the sky and said almost without thought
"A clown suit....and the shoes that go with it...and the squirty flower"
"That would impress them" I reply.

I take my eyes off the road and sneak a quick look at him. I see that beautiful cheeky-boy smile grinning out from his overgrown curly, brown fringe and I know that my lovely boy is still in there somewhere, even though he might just take a little while to reboot!

Needless to say I didn't actually take his advice, though it was tempting, and luckily I did get the promotion I need to keep this house and home together. The job starts in September; I am currently in the calm before the storm...