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Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday nights in

 Small Sprog is dancing in the kitchen, it must be Friday night! He interprets the words of the songs with actions; not always suitable. He makes me laugh (and I need that tonight), the interpretation of the 'F' word that crops up (unsuitably) in the song is something to behold I can tell you, and not for the faint hearted.

He is light on his feet as he pogo's around the kitchen, which is undoubtedly the best place in the house to dance because of all the reflective surfaces. He watches himself, his brown curly mop of a hair-do bouncing along with the rhythm.

He brought his school report home today, it is glowing though not academic. 'Quiet and reflective' it says (if only she could see him now) 'A bright boy'. I am proud. Always proud. I want to hug him but he no longer wants hugs as he did as a small boy. He is struggling with the growing up process, too young to understand hugs are important no matter what age we are, too old to do it without thinking.

Tonight doesn't feel like a Friday night even though Small Sprog is dancing in the kitchen and I have a half full glass of red on the go. Tonight feels a little flat, though I try to keep up the spirits. Its been an emotional week, and I have come to terms with it all.

Sometimes I really wish I had a good friend to be with, someone just around the corner who would pop round in times of need. All my friends are married with kids, they live busy lives, some have moved away. Sometimes I feel isolated as life goes on around me, but hey, I'm just feeling a little delicate right now...


Maggie May said...

So glad SS got a good report!
My granddaughters also had really good ones and are doing well at the school they go to.

I am in a similar position. Although surrounded by people at times.... my present situation seems to make me feel isolated too.
Everything is fleeting though and there is usually some good that comes out of a situation eventually & sometimes we have to really look for it..
Maggie X

Nuts in May

John Going Gently said...

thank you for your kind comments
come back soon!

Rob-bear said...

A good report is good news.
Considering you interaction with TG and SS about their father, I can see how "delicate" could be an appropriate thought. Though "almost-crushed" might be better.
But consider this: you've had a few friends drop round already. I just don't have a glassa the red. Always happy to sit and hold your paw — um, I mean hand.

Steve said...

You have much to be happy about... even in the sadness the happy things are always there.

Rose said...

I can just see Small Sprog dancing around! Hold on to these images--they are the memories that help to get you through the tough times.

Rubye Jack said...

I think I understand about wishing for a friend. I just moved here a few months ago and only in the last couple of months has one woman I really enjoy started dropping by. It helps so to have women friends.

Anyway, hi there, I am new to your blog but am enjoying it.