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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The boring bits!

I'm back! Thanks so much to everyone who commented with their good wishes. It was so brilliant to be greeted by so many lovely words when I came back to the blogosphere!
(This picture is a boring bit, by the way!)

Tonight Husband is installed in front of the Footie! He is never keen on me blogging. He harrumphs when he thinks I am neglecting my 'duties' and makes derogatory comments about me spending soooo much time here in front of my screen but on a football night he is positively ecstatic that I am otherwise engaged! He can watch his screen guilt free!!

In case anyone is interested... (!)
The appeal was nerve racking and took most of the day on Monday with one hearing at 10am lasting 2 hours and then having to go back for the result and hour later. We then had to make our case at 3.50. This was the worst bit. I was so nervous! I 'm sure I haven't done enough to get a place and I am cross with myself for not doing more. However it is too late now and we won't know the outcome until next week by which time we will be away on holiday. So a much longer wait than I would like but it can't be helped. In the meantime we have been offered another good school for Tall Girl but it is MILES away and would mean her traveling 45 minutes each way on the bus. I haven't broken the news to her yet! She won't want to go as none of her friends are going. So if we don't get our appeal, I will tell her then. No need for her to worry before the holiday!

Well it's extra time.....apparently he missed the goal and that is good!! You can tell football is not on my list of interesting things to watch on TV, though I totally (!) respect all of you who are engrossed right now!............ Oh, they've scored!! Husband is dancing around the room, expletives issuing forth........and........ I think he's pleased but it is hard to tell!


BS5 Blogger said...

It was pivotal on John Terry, don't you think?

What a choice to take that penalty then....

Sub, we know you love football!

Great to have you back, Domestic Blogess!

Thanks for your post at mine - a fine and joyous day indeed.


BS5 Blogger said...

PS - you are a love for holding the 'alternative place' news. Gosh!

Mean Mom said...

My husband isn't keen on me blogging in the evening, either, but he's away for a couple of nights!

Sorry you're having such a tough time re your daughter's school. Hope it all turns out OK and that you all have a good holiday.

scargosun said...

This is too funny. As I am reading your blog P and W (my boss and P's best friend) are planted in front of the TV watching THE SAME GAME only recorded. If I told them what I know now they would be SOOOO mad! ;) I think it is i to 0 right now for them.

I am sure you have done all you can for Tall Girl school placement. When all is said and done the right thing will come out on it's own. :)

Rose said...

A boring bit...LOL! I'm so sorry you have to wait so long for the "verdict" from the hearing. At least you do have an alternative, even if it's not as good. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Love the photos of rosettes--they're beautiful. And I am so glad you posted a picture of your rabbit!

I was going to leave you a comment that I finally answered your tag, but I see you've already been there...

Mae said...

Glad to have u back and again in the blogosphere.

Dragonstar said...

Fingers crossed for Tall Girl's school!
Love the boring bit.


John Terry was such a stupid idiot when he missed that penalty - Frank Lumpard as well (I really don't like Chelsea)
Good look with the schools love!

Dori said...

I suppose it's a blessing for me to have a blogging husband--and multiple computers. Can't even imagine the fights that would go on--It's my turn! No, mine! Get off!--what would we be teaching our children!

Kitty said...

Nice to see you back. I watched the footie - absolutely love footie. Was your husband supporting Utd or Chelsea?


Nora said...

I didn't know what you meant at first when you said your husband was installed in front of the Footie. I thought it was some ancient worship statue or some other kind of churchly furniture. I had never heard that expression before.

You see how speaking a different language can lead to all sorts of confusion. It took me a long time to figure out what was meant by, "Once a knight, always a knight, but once a night is enough." I just didn't get it.

Don't let me get sidetracked. I hope Tall Girl gets in the school of her choice. Let's just assume that you did you best and she will. Things always have a way of working out for the best anyway.

Good luck.

Akelamalu said...

I sat blogging whilst MWM watched the football too!

Fingers crossed for the appeal. x

Maggie May said...

No its not at all boring. I really feel for you. 45 mins is a terrible way for her to go by bus. You must be very worries. I should have been extremely nervous at the appeal. A bit like going to court. Surely there is some where nearwe that she can go to? Maybe I missed something.

Suburbia said...

Hi BS5, Rose and Mean mom!

Scargosun, how funny you were watching the same thing! I forgot that might happen. I guess I shouldn't have given anything away!

Suburbia said...

Thanks Mae and Dragonstar

Jamjarsuperstar, why can't I get onto your blog by clicking on you?!

Hi Dori, yes I know what you mean but we have one each now!

Hi Kitty, Man U I think!

Hi Nora. I read your comment to Husband! He laughed!!

Akelamalu, snap!!

starnitesky said...

Well you did your best at the appeal I am sure, waiting for the result is the hardest part, so I'm hoping all will be ok. 45 mins on a bus each way makes it a very long school day. Can't wait to hear the result!

Susan said...

Sorry You are having to wait and find out~I hope the time goes quickly. I know that you did a good job pleading your case~it was for your child and we always fight harder when the cause is soooooo important. I am keeping my fingers cross and hope that good news previals soon!

VP said...

NAH calls me Cyberwife now whenever I'm on the computer!

I hope you get the result you want, though Plan B doesn't sound that bad. It's just all the worry and unknowns that must make it seem such a daunting prospect. I used to have a similar bus trip across Birmingham to school and I didn't know anyone at first at 'Big School' either, but soon settled in. My next door neighbour's a primary school teacher who's often said unprompted that children's friends change completely in their new school even when they've gone up to Big School with all of their pals.

So I'm confident that everything will work out OK for Tall Girl :)
Though I'll still keep fingers crossed for Plan A.

Hope you have a great holiday too!