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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Five days and counting...

Small Sprog is looking forward to his holiday. Well not so much getting excited about it but looking forward as in anticipating it. Anticipating it in not a very good way really. It's not the holiday, per say but how we are getting there that is dwelling on his mind! I have blogged before about the horrendous flight last year and although it was Tall Girl who wretched into a carrier bag in the airport waiting for the return flight (out of sheer panic) it is Small Sprog who is worrying about it now. Tall Girl has admitted to being scared but also excited about going away, Small Sprog is 'simmering'!

At breakfast today he went a bit quiet and didn't want his food. 'What's the matter?' I asked.
After a bit of cajoling he said 'Is it going to be windy this weekend?'
You see it was the wind that caused the last bad flight.
'No' I soothed 'Look outside now, it's a lovely day and it's going to be a perfect flying day next Tuesday!' (Best 'singsong' voice!)
He finished his breakfast.
A little later while I was clearing up the table (luckily Small Sprog was out of earshot) I heard the weather forecast for the weekend. Rain and strong winds from the north! Oh bugger!! That's not going to help the situation. Please can someone reassure me that Tuesday will be the calmest day (weather wise) of the year so far? Please!


BS5 Blogger said...

Hello Suburbia....a mild concern that small sprog has engaged in pensive anticipation rather than his happy go lucky, carefree simplicity! Perhaps you could tell him that planes go at 500mph which is pretty exciting. Especially eating at 500 mph, or taking a 500 mile an hour wee!

I will put a word in with the Big Man for a good flying day on Tuesday.

Alaina said...

BS5... had such an original thought process... I would never expounded the benefits of weeing at 500mph. Delightful.

Dori said...

But cloudy days make for the best flying days! It's the clear skies that cause all the turbulence--I remember that from when we'd fly the little planes back and forth.

Tell SS to just think of all experiments he gets to conduct on the airplane--dropping food in front of him and seeing if it goes straight down or flies backwards.

leslie said...

Fingers crossed for you all. :D

Grit said...

poor small sprog. i wish i could soothe the winds for him. flying is the only time i shovel boiled sweets in the direction of our kids. does that help?!

MissKris said...

I haven't flown since 1974 and if I never fly again it'll be too soon. I like keeping my feet on solid ground. Dear Hubby flies on business occasionally, which he loves, so I'm glad they're trips I don't have to go on, too! I sympathize with your babes.

Suburbia said...

BS5 I'm sure the wee will work!'s a great idea isn't it?

Dori, tell me that again! Last time it was cloudy most of the way and I swear we nearly fell out of the sky a few times! I'm going to do the food experiment too (as well as weeeing!)

Thanks Leslie and Misskris

Grit thanks for the reminder, they're on the list.

Rose said...

I can't help with the weather, other than to hope it is good for your flight. Perhaps Small Sprog is just worried about his sister getting sick again.

Maggie May said...

Oh..... were all hoping for better weather. We're heading north soon too, but not by plane!
Weather forecast not good.
Hope you have a calm flight & Small Sprog feels OK!

Suburbia said...

Thanks Rose, I think he is.

Thanks Maggie, Where are you going?