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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

'No it's my go!'

It was a fantastic day, weather wise here in BS9. Typical really, after BBQing in the rain on Bank Holiday Monday!! One day of good weather and everyone is confident that summer has arrived! I am not leaving myself out of that statement, having thoughts of camping this coming weekend. There does seem a bit of a hitch this year though.... Blogging and camping seem an impossible combination, how will I manage? Withdrawal seems certain with twitchy mood to follow. Does anyone have a solution? Perhaps there is a field somewhere close to a wireless router without a fire wall? That would do it. I don't think they list that criteria in the camping brochures though. Hey, a gap in the market, 'Blogging campsites of the world'. A fortune to be made.

I am suffering the most appalling addiction though, causing irritation, tiredness, general disorganisation and neglect! Here are some recent Moments of Suburban blogging conversations here in Acacia Avenue:

Tall Girl and Small Sprog: 'Can I have a go on the computer?'
Me: 'No it's my go!'

Tall Girl and Small Sprog: 'Mummy are you blogging again?' I hate this one, feeling that I'm ignoring my motherly duties although all they really want to do is play on Club Penguin.

Husband (in condescending tone) :'Why don't you write about that on your blog' Me (thinking): Get your own bloody blog!

Husband: 'When you're blogging does it mean that you are ''on the blog''?! His favourite because he knows it annoys, (yuck!)

Husband: 'Shall I make the tea then?' He thinks I'm ignoring my wifely duties.

Husband : 'I'm going to bed now.' He knows I'm ignoring my wifely duties!

Perhaps I should end it all!!!


scargosun said...

You are entitled to your blogging time. Tell DH that is how you work out your frustrations.

My DH knows this and that every day I blog is a night he can sleep without one eye open. ;)

BS5 Blogger said...

Suburbia - here's a plan from your supportive pal in BS5...(who is up jolly late)

Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog,blog, blog, blog, blog,blog, blog, blog, blog,blog, blog, blog, blog,blog, blog, blog, blog,blog, blog, blog, blog,blog, blog, blog, blog and ENJOY!

Then blog some more!

This was a funny post. Poor old TG, SS (and H) over there in BS9, and you abandoning so much duty and good-office!

As for your camping dilemma, well do you have a decent mobile? Do you know anyone who could lend you a blackberry? Can you borrow a mobile broadband USB stick from a pal and take your laptop with you?

I am also addicted to my blogging and only ever have to argue with myself for access to the PC.

I hope you find a camping solution, I really do!

Happy days to you


BS5 Blogger said...

And well said, Scargosun (you North Carolina expert, you..)

Grit said...

oh please don't end it all!! blogging is not only cheap therapy... it is a window on other worlds, and for that i am truly grateful.

Dori said...

See...that's why we each have our own computer! I'm at a loss as to how I'm supposed to teach my children to share when I'm so obviously a failure with it!

Wait...when you say "end it all"--do you mean your family or the blog? Because if you mean your family, be sure to blog about it. :D

swile67 said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day! I am enjoying reading your blog too..this blog world is wonderful! I used to have penpals when I was little - 2 from England:)- and think this is just an extension of the penpal written, snail mail world!!:):) I love your story of your daughter at camp!! Hey I have a UK grandparents were both born in N. Ireland and immigrated to Canada in the 30's, but I still visit the UK..I am coming to N. Ireland in July for 3 weeks! Can't wait!! Happy blogging!will check back in later!

Rose said...

And I thought you were going to take the night off! LOL

Many nights I can't even get on the computer because my daughter is on it all night, doing homework, of all things! (Of course, occasionally I find her on Facebook when she is supposedly studying her online course.) I find myself at loss for what to do then.
Campsites with wireless access? I think you might have a winner there.
Love the cartoon :-)

Brett said...

I get the same, house work, who needs it!

Böbø said...

The answer to your problem is to use Twitter to micro-blog from your mobile: you send a text message to Twitter, and Twitter both forwards it to the mobiles of your chums who are following you (if they wish to receive messages from Twitter) AND it updates the Twitter widget you can put in the sidebar of your blog.

You can also follow people like me and Hullaballoo. Really, can there be a bigger draw?

What else are you going to use your free text messages on? Twitter itself is free.

So can blog when you've been unreasonably pushed off from your computer, and under canvas, and where ever!


MissKris said...

It seems that each new phase I've come across since I've owned my own computer has been obsessive for me for a while. First it was just email! Then it was chat. Then it was IM. Then it was Message Boards. Then it was blogging. As the newness of each has worn off, so has my interest. At least, my OBSESSIVE interest, ha! I blog on an almost daily basis but I don't spend half my life blog hopping anymore. That ended a couple years ago when I became a stay-at-home Grandma, caring for - at that time - my newborn grandson. Now I have another newborn grandson and I'm recuperating from major surgery while my daughter-in-law is on maternity leave. I have more computer time now, but once she goes back to work I'll have two little guys to care for. And, I'm thinkin', even less computer time than I've had in the past. But my blog is my daily journal...I'm quite disciplined about keeping it up on an almost-daily basis.

BS5 Blogger said...

Bobo, that sounds like the mutt's nuts, fella!

leslie said...

Oh my Gawd! This is hilarious! Reminds me when my daughter was still living with me and we'd fight over the computer. I kept telling her I paid the bills for it, but she could get quite nasty. Since your kids (and hubby) aren't moving out any time soon, get your own laptop and you can take it into the bathroom, the car, or out on a walk and do it in private! lol

Böbø said...

bs5, if mutt's had mobiles they'd be licking them too.

For the twitterarti, there are also loads of tools and add-ons to play with. You can also tweet direct to individual followers without having to know their mobile numbers.

Böbø said...

Actually this is a better list of twitterati tool.

Liz said...

Oh no, don't end it all! Divorce is a bit drastic. Give him another chance to understand.

And George must have given blogging because he's doing his over-protective 'it's dark out so I'd better bark just in case' thing.

Actuall what Bobo said is interesting. Not that I really understand ...

By the way I am now on Google talk and MSN and Facebook. Can you talk on any of those?

Suburbia said...

Scargosun, thanks I'll tell darling H!

BS5 we camp in a field with no mobile signal for miles, we like the remoteness!

Grit, only joking!

Dori, if I 'end it all' you'll be first to know!!

Swile67 welcome and please call again.

Rose, I know I couldn't resist. I told you I was addicted!

Maggie May said...

I have exactly the same trouble. I am not looking forward to my holiday in a couple of weeks time as there will be no blogging!
What did we do before the world of blogging?

Suburbia said...

Brett, who indeed!

Misskris, I know what you mean about having a phase. I often do! Time will tell on this one I guess.

Leslie, hello and thanks for visiting. A laptop in the loo sounds great! A bit uncomfortable after a while though?!

Bobo, I'm still giggling! Thanks for ALL the info. Can't wait to explore later.

lIZ, love your comments! I am on google talk but not sure how to find you (or anyone else for that matter!) I am going to try MSN. I am busy with non blogging stuff tonight and have mum down tomorrow so will catch up later in the week:)

Suburbia said...

Hi Maggie. Are you going anywhere nice? I have no idea what I used to spend all this time doing although sleep was one and I'm feeling a little bad tempered because of a lack of it!

starnitesky said...

Well I hope you don't give up, you keep me entertained and you remind me of my days of bringing up my family AND you make me laugh. Tell your hubby of all the joy you are bringing to the world!

Suburbia said...

Thats so kind Starnitesky. thanks I will! :)

Jules said...

i have a really good word for you........


They have coffee, chocolate and an internet connection. Of course the fact that you are camping way back of the beyond is a little problematic......