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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Small Sprogs Beasty!

Eeeewww! Small Sprog found this (click to enlarge, I dare you!) on our back step at the weekend!! Small Sprog was delighted, he loves bugs! I have to say it was quite spectacular, being about half the size of my thumb and Husband thinks it's a Rose Chaffer. What do you think?

When I got home last night everyone was in bed. Husband usually leaves a light on upstairs and down. The one in the hall was on but not in the bathroom. I soon found out why.

The window was open in the bathroom, because the temperature here is just like midsummer. I switched the light on as I went in. No sooner had I put toothpaste on my brush, when I heard a scraping and tapping noise coming from outside!! It was a horrible noise! Panic!! Instantly I switched off the light, guessing it was Small Sprogs little (or not so little) beasty friend. If Small Sprog hadn't been asleep he'd have been delighted and positively welcomed it in! As it was I have a bit of a phobia about flappy, fluttery things that fly in a 'I have no idea where I'm going' confused sort of way. Turning off the light had obviously confused him (thank goodness), either that or he had battered his brains out with his incessant smashing against the glass.

I love bugs really, just not flying in close proximity. The incident reminded me of when a dragonfly flew down my trouser leg in a public toilet! But that will have to be a story for later in the week!


Maggie May said...

I've had a problem with my router tonight & think I might have left several messages by mistake on your last post! Had difficulty getting anything out & then remembered that you are on comment approval!
The bug..... yuk! It reminds me of the tree bugs that we get here & if you handle them they leave a peculiar smell on your hand! Its warm, isn't it?

Jules said...

Same problem with me. So if you see 400 messages from me and they're all the same, you'll know why.

As for the big, brown, flying thing at the top? I have no clue. Cicada maybe? Do you have them over there?

Alaina said...

ewwwww... creepy crawlies are second only to bugs that fly at you... you had both. Yuk!

scargosun said...

As long as he doesn't eat your flowers...he can stay. :)

Rose said...

I love summer, but not the bugs that come with it. Small Sprog's fondness for strange pets reminds me of different "pets" my kids brought home. I think the worst was a field mouse one of my girls kept in a shoe box for awhile. I was sure it would get loose and reproduce in my house!

Noortje said...

I have a thing about big fluttering bugs. I find them quite scary. There were many of them in California and I never became brave about them. I would hate to rum into one of them now, but chances are that I won't here in The Netherlands. I know we have bumblebees, but they don't bother me. It's the fluttering things that do, especially if one were to go down my pant leg!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Suburbia,

I am with Small Sprog on this one; I always merrily greet the spiders and woodlice that seem to appear in the bath in the summer time. I gently scoop them up and ask them if they want to go out of the upstairs window or the front door and then I try to see which exit they might prefer and oblige them.

I am not so keen on beetles though.

I wonder what sort of creatures Scargosun and Alaina have to deal with in America? Maybe they have buffalo and really big grasshoppers hiding behind the shower curtain of a morning?

Have a good day and I am looking forward to your ABC Wednesday pic later.

BS5 Blogger said...

I like your new red house pic', by the way.

this is my patch said...

I once heard strange noises in the night. I was trying to get off to sleep and I heard this really loud rustling outside the bathroom window. I was on my own but was brave enough to creep out into the kitchen to see what was going on, to discover a hedgehog with its nose right in to a rubbish bag I had left outside the back door ready to put in the dustbin the next day. I was very relieved to discover it was friend and not foe. x

Kitty said...

Ewwwww - I don't like the look of that! No.1 has an affinity with 'mini beasts' ... used to keep snails as pets and let them crawl all over her :-O

Aren't children weird? x

Dori said...

I am being grilled over the breakfast table as to exactly what kind of beetle that is. Inquiring 3-year-olds wish to know! He also wishes to know if he can touch it and why isn't it flying and what does it do?

Liz said...

I see Maggie May and Jules blame their routers for lost/duplicated messages. Why didn't I think of that?

Ah, yes, how do you chaff a rose and why would you want to?

I used to wokr with a young lad who would tell me about how he'd have to carry an umbrella with him to stop the bats getting in his hair. Every time I see a bat now I duck and hold my hair.

Mean Mom said...

Rose chafers tend to be iridescent, green and sometimes bronzey. Yours more likely to be a may bug. Right time of year and they are attracted to house lights. A few years ago, we had a garden full of them!!! It was unbelievable. The air was thick with them. It was certainly an evening to remember.

MissKris said...

We had a neighbor boy who was really into reptiles and bugs as a teenager. He kept one HUGE black scorpion in an aquarium tank and that thing used to creep me out! I don't mind snakes but I'm not much of a bug fan once they get any larger than a ladybug, ha!

VP said...

Hi Suburbia - it looks like a may bug aka Common Cockchafer aka thunder bug. It's the adult form of the chafer grub that some people spend so much time trying to get out of their lawns. Believe it or not, they are very common in

Our cats like catching them and bringing them in. They make quite a noise don't they?

Suburbia said...

Oh Maggie and Jules, I find that throwing them out of the window can help (with the stress anyway)!!
Jules Aparently a may bug (should have guessed !)

Alaina Hi.

Scargosun, I'll have to check on what he eats.

Rose poor mouse! At least they don't flap, I guess the scratching would be almost as bad though!

Nora, I adore bumble bees.

BS5, glad you like my houses!

Hi Louise, that happened to my Granny once. She was so scared and then felt a bit silly for panicking. Aparently they make a hell of a noise!

Kitty, how could she do that?!

Hi Dori, so he's a bug boy too!

Liz, what can I say?!! How much rose can a rose chaf chaf if a rose chaf can chaf rose?!!

Hi mean mom, yes you're right! A garden full would be a nightmare.

Misskris, I'd stick with ladybirds too.

Hi VP and thanks. Husband says that he knew(?!)it was a may bug (that's not what he said at the weekend!!)

starnitesky said...

Yuk I'm glad I didn't see it I am not very fond of bugs.