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Monday, May 12, 2008


A short post tonight because I'm off to book club (soooo suburban darling!). I haven't read the book, in fact I have no idea what it was! I have read the one for the time before though, which is no use whatsoever, but I forgot to go that month. I blame blogging for my sudden disorganisation.

Tonight was 'pamper night' for the bunnies. One Brazilian (Please click here if you are confused about waxing bunnies and missed the last instalment) and a two manicures booked in for 5.15. As the day went, this was probably the highlight. For a start catching the little buggers is never that easy, they always seem to know where they're going! However, that done, we arrived on time and were called in to the consultation room straight away. The vet relieved me of both bunnies, saying the nurse would help perform the task (I was relieved I didn't have to help!) and ushered me towards the door. 'I'll be about 15 minutes' she said.
'Oh that's OK', I replied 'I'll sit and read a magazine'. How nice to have a sit down and a browse through a 'glossy', I wouldn't normally do that at this time of day.
So, off I went back into the waiting room and headed for the pile of magazines in the corner. I picked up the top copy, and sat myself down, bliss, a whole 15 minutes to myself with....... ''Your Dog'' magazine?!! I should have guessed really I suppose, after all, I was at the vets.

For those of you who have never come across this little gem, 'Your Dog'' is full of very useful information, if you have a dog, and lots of pretty pictures of pups. There was an article about 'why your dog eats animal feces', and a problem page for distraught owners of distressed pets. One problem in particular caught my eye; one worried owner had written about her poor springer spaniel who had a compulsion to lick patio slabs and chase his own shadow!! Problem, what problem?! It crossed my mind that this would be a good party trick. Hey, there you go, that's the awful sort of human being I am.

It was such a relief when she brought the bunnies back! I couldn't wait to get home before I was tempted to pick up another issue. 15 minutes with ''Your Dog'' magazine is enough for any woman, I can tell you and it did strike me that the whole episode may have been penance for the Saturday night incident!!

Bunnies are safely tucked in now and I'm off! See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious Suburbia, especially the David Brent bit.

And what if the computer guy was just winding you up, hmmm? I bet he was laughing all the way home in his car.

Böbø said...

What an odd choice for the Vet. I haven't noticed the dentist pushing copies of What Teeth Monthly, nor the doctors festooned with Internal Organs Digest.

But then I quite like looking through girlie magazines with Hullaballoo, scoffing at Jordan, being all superior about Posh, and snorting unattractively as the thrift tips in the likes of Take A Break.

Hmmmm ... perhaps I'm letting the "anonymity" of let me get carried away.

Suburbia said...

Hullaballoo I hadn't thought of that!

Bobo, you're simultaniously posting again!

leslie said...

Well, all that reminds me of the times our dogs would eat something like string and it'd come out "that" end but wouldn't come loose. So guess who had to get the toilet paper and pull it out? GAG!
but at the same time LOL...

Rose said...

Glad the bunnies are taken care of, though I'm still trying to imagine a Brazilian on a rabbit.
I'll be interested to hear how your book club meeting went; I had many students who were quite good at pretending they had read a book. :-)

Just read yesterday's post (after salivating over the yummy cake). You have the same disease I often have--foot in mouth disease. I don't suppose you ever watched "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"? There's an episode where she got the giggles at the funeral of Chuckles the Clown. Anyway...sometimes we laugh at the most inappropriate things. My friends gave me the nickname "Chuckles the Clown" after one such incident.

Noortje said...

That's why I like going to the vet, for all the dog magazines, so i can learn all the things about my dog that I don't know now.

Really, there is bliss in ignorance. Some of these things I don't want to know, but our dog does like to eat cat poop and now I want to know why. Can you run by your vet and look up that article for me?

Böbø said...

We are simultaneously posting 250 miles apart! How weird is that. AND she sneaked in ahead of me when I thought I was the first - how every typical.

Dori said...

For my 30th birthday my sister made a cake that looked like my cat's litter box. Hilarious and disgusting all at the same time! Chocolate candies slightly melted and hanging over the edge to look like poop. My 7-year-old nephew takes one and hangs it off his lip--"Look! I'm like a dog!"

Okay, completely unrelated but the article you mentioned brought it to mind, :)

Hope you managed to flub your way through the book club!

scargosun said...

Have you been to the Dissaproving Rabbits site? I am sure you have if you have buns.

I have my booksclub meeting tomorrow night about that book I posted about. We'll see if I actually get to talk about it. ;)

trousers said...

Bunny waxing - hmmm, I shall have to peruse the other posts you mention in order to get a bit of context...glad they're safe and well though :)

Brett said...

Bunny wax Brazilian Rabbits, my mum warned me about sites like this, so glad i found one.

girl with the mask said...

Did "Your Dog" not prove to be useful with all of it's top tips and titbits? I am surprised!

Grit said...

we need dog therapy round here. that sounds like a perfect magazine for us.

Maggie May said...

What ever next!