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Friday, May 16, 2008

My mum's a sweetie!

I've had a lovely conversation with my mum tonight. We discussed her day, what she was going to do this weekend, how her best friend is feeling after being unwell and how fat another friend appeared when she called yesterday!!

She told me she had been to the dump (recycling centre /civic amenity site!) today to get rid of some cardboard and some shredded paper. "They take the Yellow Pages now" she chirped excitedly, ever the eco-warrior. "Now we don't have to throw it away with the rubbish."

"Yes, we've been recycling them here for ages" I tell her.

"I don't think they can recycle them." She says in a disappointed tone.

I am confused, what does she think they do with them?

"It's the colour!" she explains
"They must be very difficult to use again.
If only they could make the Yellow Pages white!"

Sometimes I just can't find the right words!


this is my patch said...

Have you told your Mum she could make a dress out of hers! x

Noortje said...

Sometimes mothers are little old people who live under all sorts of misconceptions.

Maggie May said...

Now come on gal...... be patient with your seniors!!!!!
When they come on the market, can you save me one of them there dresses?

Akelamalu said...

Oh what a darling Mum! :)

this remeinds me of MWM's granny who thought that when you had a baby (she'd had 2)the umbilical cord was left inside you so that if you had another baby it would attach itself! :(

girl with the mask said...

I always find mum's to be good for a laugh!

MissKris said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Your mum is a woman after my own heart! She and I share the same kind of logic, lol! Dear Hubby says for a woman with an IQ of 132 I sure have some "Dense Swede" moments. And I do, I do!

Dori said...

Suburbia, you should have an sub-blog titled, "Conversations with Mum"! It'd be a hit! :D

Rose said...

Great photo for this post--wherever did you find it??
I'm going to give your Mum a break and not chuckle too much; I have also been known to make my children laugh quite often over similar innocent, naive comments.

Suburbia said...

Hi Nora and Maggie.. I didn't mean to imply that my mum was old, she would have said that at any age! She just has a rose tinted view of the world! Her favourite colour is pink!

Hi Akelamalu, I must come over and see you! Aww sweet granny!

GWTM, I do giggle at her (and with her)sometimes!!

Misskris I love the expression 'Dense Sweede' moments!

Dori, perhaps we should all contribute to one?!! One day we'll be that mum though so have to be kind!

Rose, the pic was from google. My children already laugh at me too!

Liz said...

I just went scurrying out to the kitchen to read our green bag. I was convinced that it said 'No yellow pages' too! But it didn't ... I have definitely read it somewhere recently I'm sure! And when I find it I will post it to prove that mums can be right sometimes!

starnitesky said...

LOL = brilliant!!

I am sure I have put out yellow pages, I don't recall them being rejected.

Mean Mom said...

I'm with maggie may. I'm rather taken with that dress! Would be so useful if you needed a number, whilst out and about.