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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Storm in a teacup.

Beeep Beeep Beeep. 'Oh that's the smoke ala....'

Whoops, the toaster has cremated the toast and the kitchen is filling up with smoke. I can't see the ceiling and clouds of smoke are swirling out of both doors. Husband storms off to sort out the alarm. Burnt toast sends him into a rage which is always out of proportion to the deed! I open the kitchen windows and the conservatory door in order to waft it out. The alarm stops. The smoke is still filling the kitchen and I realise the toast is still cooking. I fish it out of the toaster and dip the glowing bits into the sink full of water. Small Sprog and I are laughing at the amount of total destruction a few bits of burning toast can make. We feel our way back into the conservatory to eat our breakfast! Small Sprog has peanut butter on toast (perfectly browned!). He ladles it on and spreads it thickly. 'I'm glad I have my jumper on' he says cheerfully as a nippy morning breeze meets the smoke halfway and seems to send it all back in again.

I am halfway through a jar of ginger marmalade (my favourite, often eaten from a spoon, straight from the jar!). 'I wonder where Daddy has got to?' I ask him as we merrily munch in the clearing mist.

At that moment Husband blusters into the kitchen. 'Bloody smoke!'

'I was wondering where you were' I soothed.

'Where did you think I was?'

'Well you've been gone a long time'

'I've been opening ALL the windows' he replies, in a voice which intimates that he had done it all on his own with no help from us and now we were asking stupid questions and enjoying our toast when his was lying cold and untouched! 'And some windows were still locked from when we went away!' (Now he knows how I feel)

'I thought you were in the toilet!'

He just looks at me in a 'I can't believe you can be so stupid' sort of way.

'It's only a bit of smoke' I say, feeling a bit miffed now.

Small Sprog is kicking his feet under the table and humming a tune. After a while I can make out the words and stifle a giggle. He is singing a song from Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. He has changed the words slightly;

'Poor poor Daddy what you gonna do, things look bad for you Dad, what you gonna do?'!!!

PS. He is not missing his sister! Not one bit!!


Liz said...

Oh, husbands! They just have to be 'a man' about things, don't they?

Grit said...

he should take lessons from round here... the fire alarm is known as the dinner bell.

BS5 Blogger said...

I did like your toast post! I reckon SS is missing TG a little bit; he's just unsure about articulating it because it is messing with his head now that he is up one in the pecking order of the house. It's a man about the house thing for the little lad!

scargosun said...

Wah! P gets annoyed when I ask him to open the windows to air out the house. I swear he actually drags his feet. Small Sprog is a genius BTW, whipping up a song right there.

Sandpiper said...

I burned some toast myself this week. Luckily, I had time to clear out the smoke before my husband came home, or I'm sure the scene would have played out similarly! LOL

Globus said...

globus agrees with the grumpy approach to wife-induced domestic disasters - it's par for the course for any husband who takes his role seriously :-)

Maggie May said...

If they're not moaning about smoke it has to be something else!
If a couple of slices of burnt toast can make all that smoke, think how frightening a real fire must be!
Doesn't it stink afterwards?
Ginger marmalade yum!
Spect Small Sprog is enjoying being number one!

Suburbia said...

Hi Liz, it seeme so.

Grit I can't wait to mention this at an appropriate time!

BS5 he's quite happy to be higher up the pecking order and to stay there!

Scargosun, maybe I should talk to P

Hi Sandpiper, thank goodness it's not just me!

Globus, did I mention that it was I that put the toast in in the first place?!! ;)

Hi Maggie, yes pongs still.


Ooh sounds like a bit of toasty disaster. But it made me laugh. Your husband's reaction for some reason tickled me pink. I can just imagine him going around opening the windows... Ha ha!
I LOVE your blog!

Dori said...

I have to admit that around here the smoke detector is called "Mommy's cooking timer."

I *adore* Small Sprogs sense of humor! We're all about silly songs in this house!

Akelamalu said...

You wouldn't believe how much smoke burnt toast can make would you? I like my toast reaaaallly well done. I love it that your boy make you smile with his little song. :)

MissKris said...

We recently had a security alarm system installed in our home and a smoke alarm that will be connected to the local fire department is part of it. I was cooking steaks on the stove yesterday that got pretty smoky and I was paranoid they'd set off the smoke alarm! I could just picture the fire trucks and all the fire fighters coming to rescue my smoky steaks, haha! But they finished sizzling before catastrophe struck. I guess I'll have to wait for another time! Oh, and as to little brother missing big sister?? My two are all grown up but big sister used to go away to Youth Camp each summer for a week and little brother LOVED it! He would not go to Youth Camp...he hated while she was gone, he got to go spend the week with Grandma and Grandpa and get spoiled rotten. And I had a week off from both of them. A grand time was had by all!

Jules said...

You know the lovely thing about smoke is that it lingers. And three days later when you've forgotten all about it, it pops out of some remore corner and revisits you once again. Not that I've had any experience with burning things, of course.