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Friday, July 25, 2008


It's the last day of term, Yippee!!
Small Sprog will change schools so finishes his old one today and is sad about missing his friends.
Tall Girl finishes her junior school forever today. She has been there for 7 years, which is a major part of her life. There are so many mixed emotions flying around at the moment. Sadness at coming to an end, yet excitement about the holidays to come and the new beginnings in September. Today will end in tears for all of us I think. We are all off into the great unknown!


Böbø said...

The nice thing about Scotterland is that we're already half way through the school holidays. Feels wrong. But feels good.

Böbø said...

PS: Meant to say … have a good holiday with them. I hope they appreciate the care you'll be giving them. (I'm a bit distracted just now - no, not with all that (well, that too), but with writing a proposal for some work with the Cabinet Office. Oooooo Get Me!)

Dori said...

So exciting, yet so sad at the same time! I love change once it's happened. It's the middle part I always get anxious about.

But, yea for the summer holidays! For them, I mean. Are you going to survive weeks on end with those two being home?! Or do we need to sign you up for the wine of the month club?

Susan said...

Congratulations! I wish you a happy speedy day full of excitement and fun!

swile67 said...

i forgot you folk don't have 2 months off in the summer...we have a modified school year at some of our schools in the durham region- i think i like do you folk like it? we would definitely need the schools to be air conditioned but i think the kids need longer breaks over the course of the year.

Rose said...

This is another milestone for each of them. I'm sure they're both anxious about the next term, but I hope it will be an adventure they enjoy.
Enjoy the time off!

Kitty said...

My two finished on Wednesday - and as you know No.1 is the same age as Tall Girl. Such a big new adventure awaits them in 6 weeks time!

I hope you all have a fantastic summer break.


cheshire wife said...

Enjoy the holiday!

minijonb said...

ugh. please don't remind me that Spetember is right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

I am sending you sweet blessings and warm thoughts. The start of the summer holidays is such a time of change, accentuated by moving schools.

I hope you can find a gentle space for yourselves this summer.


Maggie May said...

End of term is all about goodbyes with tears all round. Our oldest granddaughter has finished reception which has really gone by so fast! Can't believe she will be yr 1 and the littles one will be starting half day nursery at the same school in September!

Lets hope the weather stays nice for everyone! Gorgeous today!

Liz said...

But what an exciting unknown!

Enjoy the holidays.

this is my patch said...

I hope all in Suburbia have a great summer break and the weather is kind to you. x

Suzysoo said...

They still seem too little to go to 'big school' don't they.

If it's any consolation there's an award for you at mine!

MissKris said...

Hello!! I'm getting around to visit after two loooooong weeks and a weekend in between of taking care of my grandkids. Translation: NO COMPUTER TIME!! Or very little of it, anyway...enough to post if I wasn't too tired, haha! It was lovely catching up. Reading about your two young ones brings back SO many memories of when my two were their ages. My daughter is 2 years older than my son. It's funny how when you're in the midst of it all, busy with everyday life and the high drama of siblings, it seems like those years go on forever. Then, from my perspective now, you realize it was just a blip on the radar screen. I think that's why I enjoy the grandbabies so much...I KNOW it'll be over in a blink of an eye so I want to savor every second of it! One day, sooner than you know it, their voices will be nothing but an echo within your four walls.

Suburbia said...

Misskris, I know, I do try to appreciate them!!

Suzysoo, I'm sorry I've not been around lately I'll come straight over to get it now!

Thanks Liz Maggie Hullaballoo Cheshire wife Rose Susan and Louise

Minijonb, yep nearly September and the summer weather here has only just begun!

Kitty, were there tears? The first day of term will be a mix of emotions too won't they?

Swile67, yes they need longer as they are so tired from this last very long term. Two months would be wonderful!! (in our dreams!)

Dori, wine of the month club sounds great! You can be my first member!!

Bobo, work for the cabinet office? Do tell!