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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I should be doing

Right now I should be:
Feeding the children breakfast (10.34 am)
Washing up the lunchboxes from Friday (Yep, I know that was last week!)
Feeding the bunnies
Sorting out for the forthcoming holiday and a million other things. These are just the most urgent.

However I have missed all my bloggy friends so have just spent an hour (or possibly more) catching up! Ooh the stress of it!

Last weekend we had a brilliant time in a tent in a field! The weather was perfect and for two days there was nothing to do. The sun shone and the children played in the stream below.

There were ropes tied to the trees to swing on and deep pools further up to swim in. Small Sprog found a dead damsel fly! He was delighted (they are beautiful) which is now in a plastic box together with a large dead dragon fly that I 'accidentally' brought home on the front of the car last week.
His collection is growing again!
Also big thanks to Liz and Suzysoo for my award, I'm very honoured. I will pass it on later as Small Sprog is nagging me for food, poor neglected child of a blogging mother! (That would make a good blog)

I'm back! 9.30pm (just fed the children!! No only kidding)

So the rules for passing on the award on are simple:

1.Put the logo on your blog;

2.Add a link to the person who awarded it to you;

3.Nominate at least five other blogs;

4.Add links to them on your blog;

5.Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs.

I enjoy all on my blog roll and others I haven't added yet so this is hard and I'm not sure who already has this one but here goes;

I nominate

Rose (a fellow Gemini!)

Mean mom for her brilliant parties

Hullaballoo because it's her birthday today!

Alaina Who always makes me laugh

Maggie Who is blogless right now but hopefully back soon.

And (as they say) anyone else who knows me!!


The Dotterel said...

Sounds like the perfect start to the summer hols to me.

cheshire wife said...

Make the most of the sunshine. We don't see it often enough.

Liz said...

Sounds idyllic.

(But I am glad I have passed the camping stage! I am a hotel person at heart!)

scargosun said...

I love creeks and streams. We had one in our back yard and we played in it for hours.

Dori said...

That picture reminds me of our river! If it's anywhere as peaceful, then you did have a good time! Oddly enough, we came back with dragon flies in a bag from our last trip!

And at least you aren't recommending to SS that he go fend for himself and forage for scraps under the sofa!! ;D

Judy said...

I just popped over to explain the signature at the bottom of my posts. You can generate your own signature at

It explains how to add it to your posts. Have fun!

Judy @

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I do hope your kids have been fed now!!! I know the feeling about catching up on blogs - it's great for the first few then you seem to drift into "isn't there something else I should be doing?" land.

CJ xx

. said...

Hi Dotterel, yes it really was, and now look at the weather!!

Hi Cheshire wife, fingers crossed for more :)

Liz, I never thought I was a 'camping' sort but I find it's the only time I really relax (honest!)

Scargosun, that is what I want my kids to remember.

Dori the forraging had crossed my mind!
Strange how you have dead bugs too and yes the stream is a tranquil place, I love it there.

Thanks Judy I am so pleased with my new signature!

Crystal, yes, and I get cross with myself for not having the willpower to STOP!!!

Kitty said...

I do that ... blog-hop and think 'just one more' .. then that one is interesting, so I click on another ... guess what? That's interesting too ... and so it goes on! x

MissKris said...

Do you have crawdads in the streams there in the UK? When our kids were little and we went off camping or picnicking near streams, their favorite pastime was catching crawdads. Even I enjoyed it, ha! There are people who eat them, but we aren't any of them. It was just fun catching them and letting them go, a great way to pass the hours doing something with the kids.

Elizabeth said...

Getting muddy in streams is positively the most wonderful thing in the world.
Everyone should do it A LOT.

Böbø said...

Awwww thanks on Hulla's behalf. She had a lovely birthday, and was still glowing this morning as I brought her breakfast in bed.

Rose said...

Thanks so much for the award, Suburbia (and I am impressed with your signature at the end). I've gotten behind in reading blogs the last couple days; I will add it to my blog when things settle down here a little.
Looks like you had a great weekend, but I'm not a tent person any more!

starnitesky said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the summer hols!

Mean Mom said...

I've never been camping. I really, really like to have my own flushing toilet. I confess, however, that I am old enough to remember staying in hotels, before en suites. At least there were fairly comfy beds, though, even if you did have other guests rattling the door every time you sat on the loo!

I am honoured by the award. I am putting it in a safe place and will return to read the rules as soon as I can, as my mother will be ringing me, any minute! Thanks so much!