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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who needs a Dyson?!

Small Sprog was sitting cross legged on the floor in the conservatory. He was making me a bracelet, although I wasn't supposed to know it was for me, but when he asked if he could measure my wrist it was a bit of a giveaway!

It was early on Sunday morning and I was feeling (unusually) lazy, so I was happy to sit next to him and watch. After a few minutes I noticed a small bit of garlic bread lying under the table not far away from Small Sprog. We had eaten garlic bread a few nights ago! Oops! I swear there is a whole meal lying under the table by the end of the week, despite my love affair with the Dyson!
"Can you pick up that old piece of garlic bread for mummy please and I'll put it in the bin?"

"Can I eat it?" He asks!


"No it's old.........where's it gone?"

Too late!


Denise said...

Gosh, I could go on here......................remember Dyson Washing Machine?
No? Well it was on sale @ £1,000
BUT my hubby DID make the original door seal mould tool!

Yes, it was a success!
Hubby did all that precision engineering......sorted out the faults..

then James Dyson took it abroad to make!
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Hubby's hard work but china is cheap!


But where did all the testing, machining and thinking come from?
I can only speak for one part of the washing machine! But KNOW everything else was the same.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that's the great thing about having kids and pets, there shouldn't be much left on the floor, food wise!!!

Glad to see you over at my blog, make sure you take that award if you want it? May as well try and get the message out there over at your side of the pond?

Gill from Canada

Alaina said...

It's always amazing to me how much food lands on the floor. I wonder what percentage of food served does end up unceremoniously living out it's existence on the floor? Is that geeky to want to know that? yeah... probably.

Dori said...

Ha! When we finally threw out our old vacuum we decided not to go out and buy another. After all, we have two children, a cat and a dog--surely one of them will clean the bits up off the floor!

BS5 Blogger said...

Top Small Sprog capers!

Where's that Dyson pic'? Did you coax her out of her shyness?

Have a great Monday

Maggie May said...

All kids seem to do that! Don't really need a dyson!
I use a Henry....... they don't mind a bit of neglect and remain faithful servants! Should have started a blog about this.........mmmmmmmmhhhhhhh!

Lindsay said...

Rescue Dog helps out a lot in the kitchen! We have a Dyson hand held - what a monster - Small Sprog would love it - it looks like a machine gun!

Brett said...

Get a dog, the food sometimes does not even reach the floor.

Liz said...

He'd get on well with George. They could fight over the crumbs.

Susan said...

Suburbia, Isn't this week your last week of school? I know you are ready for a break so Small Sprog doesn't have to eat old crumbs from under the table! Just kidding! Remember what doesn't kill us just makes us stronger!

Rose said...

Small Sprog must have thought the "five-second rule" was actually a "five-day" rule.

BTW, I need a new vacuum. Do you like your Dyson? Does it pick up pet hair??

Peter said...

I think all I can say is 'eeewww'.

But, I'm sure I've done the same! Don't have a Dyson though - would be handy here with all the dust and crap that lands everywhere!


this is my patch said...

I wonder what else Small Sprog has eaten in the past! x

cheshire wife said...

You don't need a Dyson after all.

Hammer said...

Sounds like under my couch cushions. :)

Kitty Shepherd said...

Dyson....Oh how I love thee! Check out "Domestic Bliss" on my blog, my latest homage to the beast!