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Saturday, July 12, 2008

........And three bad things!

Is there a law that says things come in threes? Is there another one that says that if you have a good thing, then a bad thing is just around the corner?!!! Or perhaps it's just a state of mind.

The three bad things:

1. I lost my Internet connection last night (not life threatening I know but I couldn't blog, aaaagh!!)

2. Small Sprog brought home his school report which showed absolutely NO understanding of his dyslexia. It made my blood boil to read it. It also proved that he has spent another year at school without enough help to enable him to learn anything properly (although the upside is that it has made me realise I am doing the right thing by moving him to another school)

3. Tall Girl vomited her way through Thursday night! The first episode hitting the floor running from the top bunk! Enough information?!! You bet.

PS Anyone know how to get the smell out of the carpet?!


Maggie May said...

Some one told me vinegar would get rid of the smell of sick. Hope Tall Girl is better now.
Wonder why you lost the internet?
Pity that Small Sprog's teacher made no allowances for dyslexia. Hope his new school will be more on the ball.

minijonb said...

no idea. i know that smell will stay in cars for years! try something industrial strength.

Alaina said...

They normally come in threes so let's hope your run is over!

Mae said...

When it rains it pours.

Susan said...

Sorry about the three bad things. I really hate about SS and the lack of understanding from teachers. It really angers me when educators will not take the time and effort to understand and then make a few changes so that someone can learn. We are not all created equal and we don't all do it the same way. Sorry I will get on my sopbox on my blog! But I hope that TG is feeling better and try a little vinegar and water. It isn't the best smelling but it will get out the other smell. Have a good evening!

Rose said...

You know when things all seem to go right that the other shoe will drop soon!
I can relate to your computer problems right now; I am lost when I can't get on my favorite blogs:)

A few thoughts about Small's probably a good thing that you are moving him to another school. All schools and teachers should be aware of dyslexia and have programs in place to help students with it, but sadly not all do. I know you are a caring and active parent, so the best thing you can do is to make his new teacher aware of the problem and keep tabs on what they are doing to help him.
I've had many students with this condition over the years, some of whom were excellent students. But I know they worked extra hard to compensate, and they all had parents who worked with them and were strong advocates for them (even if it meant fighting for their kids to get help and accomodations). So don't give up!

Good luck with the carpet:)

Lindsay said...

Brings back memories - our son, then aged 10, was sick all over a bedroom carpet in a holiday villa. Son had tried to clear up but eventually came into our bedroom because he could not get rid of the carrots!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub,

What a trying hat trick! I hope Small Sprog remains cheerful. Is Tall Girl now empty of sick?

Have a calm Sunday!

Akelamalu said...

No internet??? That would just tip me over the edge!

It's so maddening when school just don't get it right.

Poor Tall Girl. I think only a carpet cleaner will get the smell out. :(

MissKris said...

Good old-fashioned baking soda mixed into a paste with water works wonders. At least your run of 3's wasn't as expensive as mine was recently. Last October my washer died. Christmas Day my refrigerator died. And just a month or two ago, my dryer died!! I HATE it when a Spree of 3's comes along! Hope all's better in your household now!

Peter said...


it's so annoying when an education establishment doesn't recognise or do anything to help dyslexic pupils - they're just putting them at a huge disadvantage. Do they not have extra classes or specially trained teachers to help with dyslexia?

And about the carpet smell - all I could suggest would be to get a new carpet! Or as my dad would do - cut around the smelly bit and then replace it with some spare, original carpet!

take care,

Kitty said...

I seem to get three bad things for every one good thing just lately :-(

As regards the pukey smell - try bicarbonate of soda in warm water sponged on the carpet. Hope she's feeling better soon - there's nothing worse than upchucking, is there?


Working mum said...

Oh dear, at least that's the three over with! Hope his new school is more understanding about dyslexia; it all depends on how good the learning support coordinator is (ours is great and lets us know lot of strategies to help children), hope daughter is feeling better and WHAT? NO INTERNET? (I've done so much reading and writing blogs recently that Pipex have changed my product to one with more usage - oops!)

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

Dori said...

How about you just come over for some coffee? I think I can round up some chocolate as well!

I came across my old school reports not too long ago. Such a shame they haven't seemed to have developed any more of an understanding of dyslexia than they did 30 years ago!

On the carpet--an enzyme cleaner from the pet store! If it gets out cat pee , it'll get out vomit smell!

Deep breath--once the carpet is cleaned, of course! :D

Jon M said...

When three bad things happen, thing of five things that are good! Febreeze or some soapy stuff should fix the carpet?

Suburbia said...

Thanks everyone!
And BS5, Yes she is now empty of sick!!!

Hullaballoo said...

Honeybear, that's exactly why square carpet tiles were invented. Yes they are tasteless, vile even, but oh so practical on the puke front.

And as for puking from the top bunk, well, that's just showing off lol! Were she to climb to the top diving board and puke, then I for one would clap loudly (see how
well I do empathy).

How frustrating for you that small sprog is not receiving adequate support at school. My nephew is in the same situation and its truly heartbreaking. Big hugs to you.

starnitesky said...

I am catching up after a busy weekend, sorry to read your 3 good things were offset by 3 bad things. I hope TG is feeling better now.