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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A bedroom moment!

I bought myself a dress the other day. I don't like shopping much, I have to be in the mood and sometimes when I get things home I'm not sure that I've made the right choice. My solution is to leave it hanging around in the bedroom and look at it for a while.

This morning, as I was getting dressed, husband wandered into the bedroom.
"If I try on this dress can you tell me what you think?" I asked (that was brave wasn't it?!)
I slipped it on.
"What do you think?"
"Yep, looks fine" He says
"Are you sure?"
"Yep, it will be fine for work and stuff"
I still have no idea if it looks good. I take it off again and replace it on the hanger. He's just walking out of the bedroom and quips "It reminds me of Che Guevara!"
"Well that's great then"
"No, if you just had a big fat cigar it would look quite sexy!"

And the moral of the story............Never ask, just don't go there. OK?!


Rose said...

Does your husband think Che Guevara looks sexy??
The moral of the story is never ask a husband how a dress looks. I ask my daughters; if they think it looks good, then I keep it.

Maggie May said...

Its a case of damned if you do & damned if you don't! Mars & Venus....... best not to ask!
You look great!!!!!!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Is that you in the pic, Sub?

I am sorry H seems to have irked you!

Love from BS5 x

david mcmahon said...

There's something you're not telling us!!

Dori said...

Soooo...steely eyed Cuban Marxists--this is what your husband finds sexy?! Huh. I did not see that one coming. :D

Oh, yeah, I never ask anymore. My solution is to just not buy new clothes!

Susan said...

Husbands just don't know how to answer questions. I am sure it looked fine! The real question is how did you like it? If you liked it then you will wear it and you will wear it well. If you didn't like it but everyone said they liked it ~ You would wear it but would feel awkward and it will show.

Lindsay said...

I quite agree - never ask husbands to remark on your appearance. I fondly asked Husband (after about 5 years of marriage) what was his very first impression of me. The answer was . . . . . . . "My goodness what thick legs she has" A really charming remark!

Kitty said...

Soooo tempting to make a quip about Monica Lewinsky - but then I'm not that smutty ;-) x

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you asked! What are us men supposed to say? hehehehe, anything we say always sounds wrong! Anything connected with dresses, fabrics and especially cushions are way out of men's leagues....


Liz said...

Like my husband who says, 'You look really slim in it ... from the back.'

girl with the mask said...

I've said it before and so I'll say it again... MEN ARE PANTS!

starnitesky said...

Oh well, I am sure it does look nice, best not to ask in the future tho'

Suburbia said...

Rose, you're right. Tall Girl has more taste!
I must addmit the comment threw me a bit, especially the cigar bit until I read Kittys comment!!

Suburbia said...

Maggie and BS5, not me of course as that would mean I would be 'going public'!

David, There's something he's not telling me I think!

Dori 'steely eyed Cuban Marxists' Yep! Scary don't you think, just when you think you know someone!!

Susan, you're so right.

Lindsay, you asked! We need to learn from our mistakes!

Kitty, that makes me feel better though! I thought he might be loosing it ;)

Peter, I love your 'mans-eye-view'!

Liz, they are twins! Oh except mines never bought me a dog!!

GWTM, sometimes, yes.

Starnitesky, I just don't learn!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

well, well, well...after l picked myself up from the floor laughing....we really set ourselves up don't we?

MY DH in heartbeat doesnt even look up and he says, 'Mmmmm yes it fine!'...Fine!? FINE, fine....! l frigging hate that word...I use it all the time so I KNOW, what it means... it means that everything is wrong, it means,l hate you, l'm depressed, I ate the whole bar of galaxy, yes the 1 kg one! and l'm fat, and ugly and the kids hate me, and the weather is so awful l'm S.A.D., your mother phoned, wrok is awful and we havent had sex in a while and NO ONE fancies me, even me!...that kind of fine!!!

sorry i ranted... a bit.. we can say IT but you can't...


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

che guevara???? pleaes explain

Suburbia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suburbia said...

Hi FFF, I think he was refering to the top bit of the dress looking a bit army surplus!

Working mum said...

Never ask the husband. I asked husband if my dress had shrunk in the wash or whether our new mirror was a bit funny, he said, "No, you've put on weight". Not what I wanted to hear!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

thank the lord for that...I couldnt get the cigar out of my head! splutter.....and getting mixed up with castro too?!
so tell me, if you are an OU girl also!? what is the urgency in doing it ALL now...not waiting till we are old and grey..(my mum got a ba hons, 2 yrs ago at 72!)

we are crackers...or as my DH says, 'you're a bloddy mentalist woman!'

sara x

CrazyCath said...

It IS worrying that your husband suggested a big fat cigar and Che Guevara to look sexy...
Aren't you sexy anyway? Course you are!

Great post. Over from David's - congrats on POTD.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Cardinal Rule:

Never, ever ask a man how you look unless he's gay.

1. They don't look at clothes, they look at where the clothes stop and the skin begins.

2. If they have a 'vested intimate interest' in you, you are not going to get an honest answer.

3. The only straight men who have any fashion sense at all are Metrosexual and those type don't typically get married... they are in the clubs getting something else.

4. This is what your girlfriends are for, your good close girlfriends who would tell you if you had broccoli in your teeth.

That's why it's best to shop with friends; they can stop you from making a purchase disaster, and they can help you find perfect miracles.

Hope that helps.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

cheshire wife said...

Probably better to ask your husband's opinion at home rather than take him shopping. If I took my husband shopping I would come home with the first thing that I saw regardless of colour and size.

nonizamboni said...