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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sibling moments


"Muuuummmmmmmmm!, Tall Girl hit me!" Shouted Small Sprog
"No I didn't!" Tall Girl shouted back
"Yes you did!"
"Muuummm, Small Sprog said he was going to stab me with a pen"
"No I didn't" Shouting even louder
"Yes you did" Tall Girl is in tears (she can lay it on thick when she wants to!)
"You hit me!"
"You nearly stabbed me!"
..........Wait for it!
"I HATE YOU" Small Sprog is crying too now out of rage and indignation. He is stomping off and lands somewhere around the halfway point on the stairs. He sulks. Tall Girl has already stomped up and is in her room. No slamming of doors has occurred. Not yet!

So how can I tell who is telling the truth? It is 8.30am and time for school (Why do these things happen at such crucial times of the day?!)

Now I know I'm the grown up here, but the tension is high and we're all tired (end of term-itus!) I should be showing them by example that it's good to keep your cool in this sort of situation. It is important to be rational and sort things out in a calm and positive manner. Then..........
"Oh for goodness sake come downstairs now, stop arguing and put your shoes on. I'm fed up with you two shouting at each other all the time!" I screamed.
That's better!
How grown up was that?!!


Tall Girl had her school leavers disco tonight, the last one before all her classmates go off to different senior schools. I went along to pick her up at 9pm. They were all in tears! Even the boys, just sobbing in a heap in the middle of the dance floor! They spend years not wanting to go to school and now they don't want to leave! How are they going to get through the last week of school with so much emotion flying about?

She's upstairs taking her makeup off now (obviously good quality mascara, she noted, because everyone else's was running down their cheeks accompanied by the tears) There was a pocket money stall at the disco. In her pocket are two small animals that she has brought for Small Sprog. She is going to wrap them up and give them to him in the morning.

She loves him.


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I love that. I really do.

You handled it like a mother who was fed up, and that's exactly how I'd have handled it... one can only take so much.
I am of the same mind... patience, calm... etc, but there's a limit.
And the little ones should know when they've reached it.

It's never easy to say goodbye, to leave the security and sanctuary of a familiar lifestyle, and this milestone for tall girl is a big one, in her short life.
Made me misty eyed just thinking of it.

Sweet days of youth flown by too swiftly.


Thank you.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Susan said...

It is amazing how siblings show their love to each other. Despite how much they fuss and fight with each other they don't want anyone else to pick or fight with their siblings but them. i am sure when you get the new chair lift, Small Sprog will let Tall Girl go first.

Hammer said...

My girls fight the exact same way. I never know who to believe because they are both devious.

I just punish the one that is screaming the most.

Suzysoo said...

It all sounds so very familiar! Makes me want to tear my hair out when they do it though. Feel torn in all directions. Who is telling the truth? Who is in the right? Who's side should I take?

I just end up screaming at the lot of them, end of term or no!

Dori said...

awww...see, they do love each other! That's so sweet. Did SS like the animals?

Anonymous said...

I see growing up hasn't changed a jot since I did it! I have an older sister, and the 8.30 debacle sounds extremely familiar.

Although I don't remember getting any presents from her :-(

Great post!

Maggie May said...

Typical behaviour from everybody! Absolutely normal all round!
Very funny when you listen to children interacting!

BS5 Blogger said...

What a sweet flourish to compare: tears, stairs and rage, and then spending her pocket money on him. That is a fine post!

Lindsay said...

My brother is 4 years younger than me. When we were kids I received most of the blame just because I was the eldest. My granny had taught me several versions of Patience and I used to play the card games on my fathers desk. Young bro would sneak up and muddle the cards. One day I chased him out the house, got on my bike and ran his leg over!!!! A bit drastic I know - no damage done - I was sent to my bedroom for 24 hours and spanked with the spiky end of hairbrush - young bro had a satisfied smile on his face for a long time!

kylie said...

you could have been describing my place...including me :)

Rose said...

That's so sweet. Kids can drive you nuts one moment, and then make you want to hug them the next.

Kitty said...

There is nothing which makes me lose my good temper quicker than bickering smalls. It drives me nuts and is invariably totally pointless other than to wind each other up.

No.1 leaves her school on Weds. Has spent the last 2 years saying she hates it there, and now doesn't want to leave! I feel your frustration!


GoneBackSouth said...

Siblings are always at each others' throats one minute and the next minute they're being kind and playing nicely as if nothing had happened. It's exhausting. I think they get over their fights much quicker than the poor old parents do.

Liz said...

Oh I've had so many mornings (and afternoons amd evenings and days) like that. 'I don't care whose fault it was or who started it, it's just ...uuueeerrrrr!' then we get the 'it's not fair!' bit. Oh, I feel quite frazzled just thinking of it. Be strong! hollidays are nearly here and you'll have rainy-days-full of it!!

Suburbia said...

Scarlett, time goes by so quickly, it only seems like yesterday when she started school. More tears on her last day Friday I think:(

Susan yes, you can imagine how a stair lift would cause sooooo much 'it's my go, no it's my go' etc.
Stair lift, what stairlift?!!!

Hammer, I like your style!

Suzysoo, at least they're all the same!

Hi Dori, yes he did like his animals. Didn't stop them arguing later though!!

Peter, I'm sure she brought you pressents or did nice things for you???!

Maggie and Kylie It's nice to be normal!

BS5, just a snap shot of everyday life around here.

Lindsay, great story. Spiky end??
How unusual.

Rose, you're so right.

Kitty, tears on Wednesday then! Good luck and hope she's not too sad.

Hi Gonebacksouth, yes they forget them in a moment, in fact by the time I drove out of the drive they were both laughing at something. Probably me!!

Thanks for reminding me Liz!