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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In the company of women

Today I have eaten cake. Lots of it! Two tea parties in one day and not a child in sight!!

Some of my girl friends came over just after lunch. We ate lemon poppy seed cake (starters!) and/ or Baklava (main course!). We drank Elderflower cordial and /or tea.
Mother of 2 girls, brought her presents to wrap. It looked a bit like Christmas! I sewed on all Tall Girls new Girl Guide badges and Mother of 2 boys did her nails! We can multi task you see! We're not just sitting around all afternoon gossiping!

Later on, after depositing the children with Husband I went to another tea party, a much larger affair with 2 sorts of Sandwiches, Scones, Jam and Cream, Chocolate and nut cake, 2 sorts of Lemon cake, Fresh strawberries (because if you ate some fruit, you could feel virtuous and it canceled out all the calories from the cake you'd eaten just before!) and pear tart!

It would have been rude not to try just a little piece of all of it wouldn't it?


Grit said...

i am with you here. fruit with cake is just wonderful. pour liqueur over the top to enliven the fruit and soak into the cake base, and be as close to heaven as possible.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Unspeakably rude not to try it all. Good woman, doing your duty when you ought to.

There was baklava? I'm on my way.
Save a piece for me, please.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Elizabeth said...

Seems like it's eating cake day!
Always a good plan at the time.
We'll worry about the consequeces later......!

Suburbia said...

Scarlett, I'll keep some for you ! And thanks for the advice for shopping, it's the best I've had!!

Elizabeth, I am on a fruit day today!!

Lindsay said...

I love tea parties. Son, many moons ago, attended a prep school with expensive fees. We watched Son play rugby and cricket matches each weekend - parents were duly invited in to tea afterwards both home and away matches. We ate our hearts out to try and recoup the fees in some way! We never ate an evening meal after one of those teas!

swile67 said...

Oh I miss all the tea, scones and bisquits in Northern Ireland!!:) I am home now from my holidays! I am thankful to be back to the heat but do miss the UK!! I think you should try a little sampling of all of it!!

Rose said...

Of course, you don't want to insult the hostess by not sampling everything she's worked so hard to prepare:)

This sounds like a such a wonderful time--there's nothing like getting together with "the girls" to raise your spirits!

Liz said...

Oh my, that was a grand tea party! How delicious.

No-one ever calls me cupcake. It is my one ambition in life. To be called cupcake by a tall, dark American-Italian cop named Joe. I read too much.

Kitty said...

Cake is necessary: it provides essential sugars and carbohydrates. And we all need some fats to make good energy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Glad you had a great time. Take care. x

BS5 Blogger said...

And no pics? Bah Humbug.

this is my patch said...

I wish I was invited to this kinda party. I do love my cakes too! x