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Friday, February 06, 2009

Schools Out!

How lucky are we? No work or school today.

Small Sprog is ecstatic. His school was one of the only ones open in the area yesterday. Tall Girls school is nine miles away, and the journey includes country lanes in the last half a mile or so, so she had a day off yesterday as well (lots of gloating!).

Yesterday, the three of us walked to school in the snow, which was very exciting! We normally drive in which takes about 5 minutes, the walk took around 40 minutes, but then again, it was snowing!

At lunch time Tall Girl and I returned home, picked up Small Sprogs sledge (which he has had for a few years but never used, because we never get snow in the city) and headed for the local golf course with some friends. Poor Small Sprog was still at school. I felt so mean going without him.

By the time I picked him up from school most of the snow had melted and all the other children were cold and wet and in need of hot chocolate! They didn't want to play any more. Small Sprog was sad. The sledge was his best thing, he had been waiting to use it for so long and it's no fun without other children to play with. I could see how brave he was being, trying not to cry with disappointment. I was frozen to the bone, having spent the afternoon outside and then standing in a freezing playground, waiting for him to emerge from school.

"We could have 5 minutes, just the two of us" I suggested. "It would be better than not going at all"
He shook his head. Thought about it for a bit, and then smiled! So off we went, out into the cold again! We found a reasonable slope, with a little ice and loads of slippy mud. It was his first experience of sledging, we laughed and he was happy.

We didn't stay long, it was getting dark, but this morning brings a fresh blanket of snow and new hope for a great sledging experience!

You may recognise the top picture.

This one below is my back garden, the Witch hazel is a little past it's best now.


Maggie May said...

Loved your photos, especially the header in autumn then snow!
We are in a similar position. Grandchildren have no school today. They go to the same one that I work in and yesterday it was open but today closed. They are watching a video and looking very happy!
The whole place has come to a standstill. Even the chemist was shut when my son tried to get a prescription at 9.30am.
We are not planning to do much today. Hope to catch up on some cleaning! Its my day off today so feel a bit fed up that I had to work yesterday when so many didn't have to! That's the way the cookie crumbles!
Enjoy the toboganning! My grandkids don't have one! I suppose son could take them on a slope and use an old tray!

BS5 Blogger said...

Let's hope Friday is all go for sledging and packed full of happy Sprogisms!

Lindsay said...

Glad small sprog is having a good snow day today. Husband has come back from a long walk to fetch my camera - the playing fields are an army of snowmen and apparently a beautiful snow cat!

Jennysmith said...

Yes, i'd heard on the radio about the vast amount of snow your way.
Bit concerned for our mates who live at the end of a farm track in West Harptree - 10 miles from St Pauls. But i can guess their kids are havin a great time too.

Just miserable and wet here - so no excuse not to go to Tescos but a bit relievd the kids weren't off again today.

Your back garden is beautiful. Ours is 20 ft with a red wall!! xxx

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

lovely images and story about your day...the kids do love it so!!

and you are alone till sunday?

Suburbia said...

Maggie, what a shame it is your day off anyway. I consider myself lucky!

BS5, and worry about losing toes!

Lindsay, a snow cat? I'd like to make one of those! Post a picture when he gets back?

Jen, they will surely be snowed in!Sorry you can't have a snowy day too.

Saz, yes alone until Sunday pm. bliss!!!

Kitty said...

We're on our second snow day here, and I've heard tell that more heavy snow is due on Sunday night, so Monday might be iffy too! Hope SS is having a wonderful time on his sledge. x

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, sounds like you are really making the most of the snow. We haven't had any here in Edinburgh since monday. So much for the frozen north lol.

Mean Mom said...

So sorry Small Sprog missed out yesterday. Hope he's having fun today. I'm tempted to go out and build a snowman myself. The snow on our lawn is undisturbed.

Elizabeth said...

So glad small sprog got a little sledding in!
Praying you get lots more snow so he can go out again.
I remember sitting in class at primary school looking out of the window at a roof top and watching the snow melt........
love your side picture with RAIN
how did you do it.

Rose said...

Snow days are the best! I'm glad Small Sprog got the day off today--I wish him a wonderful day of sledding.
I love the photos of your winter scene and the witch hazel. The snow is so beautiful, especially the first snowfall, but I have had quite enough to satisfy me this winter:)

nick said...

It was great that kids everywhere had such a fabulous time playing in the snow. The ones who had to go to school must have been gazing out of the windows longingly and not paying much attention to their teachers.

Working mum said...

Aaaargh! Everyone is off school except me! Might have to take a sickie to join in the fun!

Grit said...

snow = meteorology; sledging = pe; scooting down a hill = practical physics; discussion about going at all = citizenship and pse. lots of schools closed = home education. yippee!

cheshire wife said...

I am feeling a bit cheated, we have hardly had any snow and what we have had has almost gone now.

Lakeland Jo said...

I like your snowy picture.
My son had Monday off- just as well as the snow disappeared on Tuesday and has not returned

Akelamalu said...

The snow's been great for the kids! Apparently there's more to come :0

Steve said...

Aw - you're a mum and a half, you are!

this is my patch said...

Glad Small Sprog managed to fit in a bit of sledging before the day was out. x

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

Tales of Small Sprog break my heart sometimes.

He soooooooo much reminds me of one of my boys, well both of them to be honest.

Letty (who had too much wine last night and thought she had already comemmented!)

starnitesky said...

I am so pleased that Small Sprog had his ride on his sledge, he can always come here - there is still snow on the ground!