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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Thank you all so much for your advice and comments, particularly about ironing, particularly the one about placing it under heavy books!! Only 3 Walnut Whips left (it was a big box full!)I watched a 'chick flick' last night but my conscience got the better of me so I multi tasked and ironed at the same time!


BS5 Blogger said...

A futile question but did the movie have any car chases or space ships?

Hope the ironing was exciting!

Lindsay said...

On the subject of ironing - after the year 2000, when Husband had just retired, we stopped ironing!!!!

The Dotterel said...

It's the only way to do it (if you must!)

Maggie May said...

Aw....... well never mind! You Had some time to yourself!
I wonder if the other three are still there?!

cheshire wife said...

Well done for multi tasking! Life is too short to do only one thing at a time. Hope you are not feeling sick after eating all those walnut whips.

Dori said...

I keep leaving comments--not really sure where they go. They've been most supportive. Anyway...enjoy YOUR time!

Rose said...

Dear Suburbia, I didn't get to your last post till this morning, so I missed a chance to add my ironing tip: don't do it!! But your commenters had so many great ideas, I might have to try a few. I don't know what Walnut Whips are, but assuming they're chocolate with nuts, those with a chick flick sound like the perfect end to an evening (but not doing ironing at the same time!).

You deserved a treat!! What's on the agenda for tonight?

Rose said...

Did I just leave you a comment?

Elizabeth said...

Ironing is good for the soul -except not men's shirts.
Ironing napkins is fun.
Eating chocolate is better - or uncooked cake batter.
Being self indulgent is necessary in your particular case.
Have lots of fun

Liz said...

I was going to reprimand you but really it's good because now you can relax even more knowing you've been virtuous and done the ironing.

Jennysmith said...

Sorry i missed your last post sweetie. as usual it was lovely and written from the heart.

Walnut whips? Haven't had them for ages! Will soon amend that one!

I quite like to stick the Archers on and Front Row in the evenings and get with it on that ironing board! Kind of theraputic xxxx

Steve said...

My motto is: why multitask when you can delegate?

Akelamalu said...

Oh you caved in to the ironing! I bet those walnut whips tasted good though! :)

Suburbia said...

No spaceships, car chases, trains, planes or naked women BS5.

Maggie, the other 3 are there, I need to eek them out untill Sunday!

Cheshire W, not sick!

Dori, you are always, supportive thank you.

Rose, good I roning tip. I have had so many, maybe I should start up another blog!!

Elizabeth, cake baking is on my 'to do' list, I will think of you as I lick the spoon!

Liz, you would think so wouldn't you? But guess what, The children have produced a whole new lot of washing today!

Jen, yep, I like to iron to radio 4 too. The afternoon play is good if I'm home!

Steve, delegation is not an option here, two children and an iron.....big mistake!!

Akelamalu, still some left!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Tomorrow I am going to buy a Walnut Whip. Forgotten how good they are!

Dori said...

Dang it...I thought I had typed my first comment in "Smartass" font. I forget it doesn't always come through. :D

And, geez, lay off the "chick flicks"! You can still enjoy chocolate and a glass of wine while watching car chases and all manner of things getting blown up.

Mean Mom said...

Walnut Whips are great - except for the walnuts.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

oh missed this post, I blame it on the wine taken here in Letty's Towers.

I posted about Husband's cure for ironing the other week.

I got him to go through the huge, huge pile of ironing, and he managed to throw a lot of it away!!

Throw it away! You won't miss it!

I really have to stop drinking wine and commenting, I have totally lost the plot!

Letty ;))