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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

While the cat's away!

Freedom! Husband has gone away until Sunday, so I can relax and chill with the children. This means I can do some of the things that would annoy him if he were here, for example leave the tumble dryer on with the garage door closed! (It is on now!)

It is ages since I have spent much time at home without him. I am wondering what I used to fill my time with! So I am preparing to be decadent (when the children are in bed) and have written a mental list of great things to do, while I can!

Yesterday I found a surprise stash of Walnut Whips (I'm not sharing!) in a cupboard, they will definitely fit into the plan somewhere as will books, wine, music, long baths and generally drifting about!

There is one problem with my plan.....There is a huge pile of ironing and the house needs hoovering and sorting out generally. I have 'left' so many things undone recently. How much longer can I leave them for do you think?!!


The Dotterel said...

One can always leave the ironing: eventually it ends up getting worn and creased in any case! And as for vacuuming...

Maggie May said...

Enjoy your time and eat as many walnut whips as you like! Comfort food!
As regards the housework..... well leave it till you feel like doing it. Eventually it will get you down and you will just get on with it.
Sounds like your husband was the tidy freak. Right?

Working mum said...

WM strategy - If you leave the ironing long enough the bottom ones are squashed into submission and don't need ironing!

Now you've made me want a Walnut Whip; haven't had one for years.

Steve said...

How long does it take to consume a surprise stash of walnut whips? That is how long the chores can wait. Please include post-chocolate R&R time in your final calculations. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Easy, pay someone to do that huge pile of ironing, just this once, just for you honey.

Walnut whip, gimme gimme gimme!

Hoovering, you are thinking of hoovering? I think I need to come round and have a serious word, my girl! Get into the groove with some serious disco gear and let the hoovering wait until his return, when you want to get the room to yourself lol.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.........

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Right i'm on the case babe!!

First the ironing, lets get this out of the way, life is too short to iron..

I fold very carefully after they come out of the dryer, using a tumble fresh as this stoops creasing...then out tall the lightweight cotton things together and place on top heavy ART book...if still lightly warm all the better, the laundry not the book.

Put absolutely necessary items to iron, like work tops, school shirts, well only the cuffs collars and bits that are seen, as the creases fall out when the heat of the body warms the fabric, thats whats great about polycotton!! Ha!

Sheets..well fecking hell they will be slept on, so only iron the top pillowcase, not the one underneath, whose gonna see it? only the Sandman for god sakes!

These are NON IRON items, ad yes my pal Lynn used iron these until I agve her permission not to!!LOL

Underpants, socks, baby bibs (WTF!!) kitchen towels and tea cloths, (WTF!!)
PYJAMAMA, shall l gone on..

now behave and get a walnut whip or two, a good book, some ambient music and a bubble bath, then grab the remote, put your feet up and watch a dvd, I can recommend, 'The best days of our lives' Random Harvet' 'Penny Serenade'

can I come round?

FFF xx
consider yourself told!!

Lakeland Jo said...

Here's the deal. You give me a walnut whip and a glass of wine, and I will let you off all the housework. Sounds fair to me

the eternal worrier said...

Forget housework. Sit back and relax. How often do you get the chance?

Akelamalu said...

I suggest you eat all the walnut whips, drink all the wine, use up all the hot water, generally pamper yourself and leave the ironing and cleaning for himself to do when he gets back!

All those in favour say AYE!

Liz said...

Till next week at least.

You found a 'surprise' stash? yeah right. I know about those.

Oh look, my verifier is boamen - men who squeeze the life out of you.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

walnut whips, dear lord, I have not eaten one of those for years, and how I now have to go out and buy some tomorrow!

Ironing - god, my ironing is up to the ceiling, so forget that, just iron when necessary.

Enjoy your free time, drink some wine, relax, and remember my mantra, Life Is For Living, Life Is Too Short, just chill out and live for the moment.

thinking of you,

(ps as much as I love Husband, I enjoy my time alone too!)

Letty ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Kitty said...

You could always knit yourself a pair of breasts whilst he's away. Not that you almost certainly already have nice ones, but well ... I have this pattern, and they're quite fun.

Whatever you do, put yourself first for some of the time ... a bit of 'you' time is probably well overdue. x

Mean Mom said...

A surprise stash? Are they yours, then? Oh, well, they are now.

Ironing can generally wait until you are ready to wear it, I find. Housework can wait until it really gets you down and then, when you've done it, you get a real sense of achievement!

Enjoy your few days!

scargosun said...

They can wait. Unless the laundry is really bad it's not like those chores are going anywhere by themselves.

Suburbia said...
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nick said...

Just take this rare opportunity to relax and unwind and clear your mind while husband is away. Don't even think about the chores, they can wait.

this is my patch said...

... for as long as it takes to eat those walnut whips! I know by now you would have eaten them all? x