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Thursday, September 11, 2008

When the cat's away

Husband is away tonight. This means I get to watch TV that I want to watch (but there's nothing interesting on anyway, typical!), not feel guilty about being on the computer (spent the last hour trying to shop on the web rather than blogging, so feeling a little cross) and please myself (if time)! The down side is that I always find it hard to go to bed on time when I'm on my own. I'm not afraid of going to bed alone, but I always find things to do in the evening. And with no one else in the house (apart from the sleeping babies that is) I have been known to hoover and tidy after 10pm! I sort of get a second surge of energy later on at night. If only I could 'harness' the energy surge for the following morning!

Husband is always the one who gets the bed time routine going. He goes up, I follow. When he's away it sort of doesn't work. Then in the morning he's also the one who gets up first. I'm not good at mornings.

Tomorrow I have to get Tall Girl off to school by 7.20am. I have set two alarm clocks and have programmed myself to get up as soon as they go off rather than laze about thinking about getting up, as I often do. I just hate getting up!

So I'm off now.

I've resisted the hoover. I'm being sensible. And as much as I'd love to sit around and chat, I really must go. Wish me luck, I'm not sure the alarm clock will do the trick and I am really looking forward to reading my new book in bed.........


Suzysoo said...

I ought to take a leaf out of that book, instead of blogging til stupid o clock!! Nite-nite x

Maggie May said...

Tell me how to get that second surge of energy!
It is the opposite in our house, I get to bed and husband follows after I have warmed it up! Some times he forgets to come up & I go looking for him, to find him fast asleep in front of the TV.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! I wonder if the plan worked!


Kitty said...

:-O You're not still in bed are you?! Cripes ... I think Tall Girl will have missed whatever it was she was supposed to be at school early for!


Rose said...

I do hope you got up in time! I find that when I worry about getting up early, I can't go to sleep and then get up exhausted the next morning.
I'm more of a night person, too, but I've given up tidying up after 9 PM!

Dori said...

Hopefully everyone was up on time this morning! Whew, and glad to read you weren't vacuuming at 10pm! Whatever would the neighbor's think? :D

VioletSky said...

I have been late for so many appointments due to lazily thinking about getting up... blogging late into the wee hours hasn't helped either - except for the great reading!

I use a light timer to turn on the floor lamp in my bedroom as an extra 'alarm'. It doesn't always work.