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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Party

Tall Girls party on Monday night went far better than I had anticipated. Not that I thought it would be a bad party, just that Husband and I were there celebrating together for Tall Girls sake, and I didn't want her to feel an atmosphere on her special day.

If things had gone to plan it should have been like this;

Tall Girl home with 3 friends
Small sprog off to climbing wall with cubs (= Husband and Small Sprog being out for most of it!)
Eat copious amounts of pizza
Go to the cinema
Take friends home

But things rarely turn out as planned! It ended up like this;

Tall Girl home
One friend stranded with no lift so we went to fetch her.
One friend late
Another friend late because she forgot she was in a netball match!
All gathered in eventually.
No decent film that they all wanted to watch (this was agreed a few days before)
So... my lovely friend and beautician, Mother of Two Boys came at late notice to do a 'make-up' party
Small Sprog got wind of there being a party at home, so refused to go to the climbing wall and cubs.
Husband very cross that Small Sprog had changed his mind as he had 'rushed home' to take him.
Tall girls netball friend brought her younger sister who pleaded to stay.
I agreed because it might entertain Small Sprog (they are same age and good friends) in the hope he would not bother the older ones.
That plan failed!
Tall Girl and friends came down to the level of the 9 year olds and shrieked around the house until the food was ready!
I didn't have enough pizza for the 2 extra mouths, so they had mine and I had no tea!
Mother of Two Boys turned up to do her thing. She brought out all her pots and palettes, shadows and shimmers, there were ooos and ahhhs, and then...peace reigned.
Small Sprog and friend played on the Wii

I was so pleased to have Mother of Two Boys there, I felt less alone. She is a good friend and her presence relaxed me.
By 9 o clock I was exhausted! The older ones had been cleansed, toned and were tastefully made up, whilst Small Sprog was in overdrive due to tiredness! We sang 'happy birthday' and then cut the cake. By 9.15 I was trying to herd them into the car to take them home. It had been a wonderful 4 hours of fun, Tall Girl and I didn't want it to end.


Lakeland Jo said...

sounds like a great time was had by all- even if it went a little bit off plan!

Maria said...

Oh, these 'small' parties can be just as much trouble as big ones. I've been there with my thirteen year old daughter too.

Glad it all worked out - pity you got no pizza, though!

Steve said...

Plans are great but often spontaneity is better! ;-)

Lindsay said...

So glad party went off well in the end. I used to dread my son's parties. We gave up after his 9th birthday when a child threw spaghetti over our dining room wall! Well done in keeping up with tradition into Tall Girl's 13th year!

Carol said...

OOOhhhh a make-up party sounds like great fun....I'm not surprised you and Tall Girl didn't want it to end!! (and I'm also glad that you had a friend there to give you some support!!)

C x

French Fancy... said...

Good old mum - sacrificing her pizza for the greater good. The lot of mums everywhere.

Jennysmith said...

sounded wonderful. Reminded me of the birthday parties i used to go to as a child (no make up or pizza tho') but the sort you remember for ever!


Kitty said...

Awww well done you. And a belated many happy returns for your girl - it sounds like a great party. x

Akelamalu said...

LOL what did husband do???? LOL

Sorry I couldn't help it. Sounds like everyone had a great time which just goes to show the best laid plans aren't always the best are they! :)

Working Mum said...

Glad the party went well in the end. To have a make up party at 13 would have been my idea of heaven! Lucky girl.

Maggie May said...

Glad the party went well. No way would I undergo a party at home with so many! You did very well.

Nuts in May

Dulwich Divorcee said...

Sounds like a gorgeous party - well done you!! Flexibility is all. Am doing party for Child One week after next and anxious already - I also have a beautician friend coming and she is lovely so fingers crossed! Not surprised you were exhausted though x

Rose said...

Happy belated birthday to Tall Girl! I remember so many birthday parties--especially with the girls--where some kind of unexpected drama occurred, usually resulting in somebody in tears. Sounds like your party was a success! And what young teenage girl doesn't like a makeover?!

Liz Hinds said...

I'm trying to catch up!

Sounds like a great party.

But how dare husband make such ridiculous demands? Does he realise it shows him up in his true light?

Lots of love to you. xxx

nick said...

The best laid plans etc. I guess one of the first skills any parent has to learn is infinite adaptability as everything chops and changes at a moment's notice. You seem to have acquired the skill admirably!

Barbara said...

Oh how stressful, I hope TG enjoyed it anyway!

Chic Mama said...

Phew....nothing more exhausting than children's parties. Just in the process of organising my daughter's 11th party....a mass sleepover for 16 girls!!! Think I'm going to regret this one.