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Saturday, November 21, 2009

In love with life and bloggy land!

I have noticed recently, on at least 4 blogs that I read daily, how people are doing lists of things that they are grateful for.

One thing I've learnt over the last year, or have been taught by a close friend perhaps I should say, is to count my blessings.

When you read other peoples blessings, you realise how much we have in common, how we all are touched by the simplest of things, how what makes us happy is often uncomplicated, family, friends, a sunny day. So I will try hard to continue to think daily of how lucky I am - for I am truly blessed with so many things - and remember to take time to take stock, instead of racing on to the next thing, as my impatient side will always tend to do.


Elizabeth said...

I really look forward to you getting a new little home of your own
even if it is not grand or anything
you will be able to make it YOU!

Rose said...

It's hard to remember to be thankful for all one's blessings when life is not treating you fairly. For your own sanity and happiness, this is a good exercise, Suburbia;a way to keep thinking positively. But if you want to vent here--go right ahead! Keeping one's feelings bottled up isn't good either.

MissKris said...

Are you public again?? I'd taken you off my blog roll when you informed me you were by invite only because the link I'd had wouldn't work any more. My visiting had suffered terribly...I apologize. But without the link there I kind of 'lost' you! I was reading someone else's blog this evening and saw your blog name...which 'reminded' me. So I clicked her link and here I am! No signing in! I re-added you to my blog roll...I'll be stopping in on a more regular basis now. And yours has always been such a good blog I'm glad to see it's available for others to discover you once again. I'm off to do a lot of catching up! (((HUG)))

Lakeland Jo said...

Rings very true.

Maggie May said...

I am like you Sub........ I am not naturally good at waiting for things to happen.
By nature..... I want to race a head and move on.
I am on a huge learning curve because now I cannot race ahead. I have to wait for others to tell me what to do.
I find myself being HUGELY grateful for little things, right now. Things seem more beautiful and precious. Life seems so precious.
Mmmmmmh! I can feel a post coming on!

Nuts in May

Steve said...

Brilliant post and a great thought for the day. I think I will take a leaf out of your book and do the same!

Jean said...

Sometimes we can be so overwhelmed by our problems and the selfishness of those around us that it is not possible to find any blessings to count.
But they are always there. You just have to search for them a bit.

Akelamalu said...

Every day I recite the Reiki Preceps and the third one is

Just for Today I will be thankful for my many blessings.

This helps remind me that whatever is going on in my life it's never all bad. :)

Carol said...

It's not always easy to remember what makes us happy when we're going through a tough time is it!!

C x

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I too have been reading the blessings posts out there and they are quite inspirational and a great reminder to take a step back and see life from another perspective. I think when you are in a break-up situation as you are in, it is incredibly stressful. That first morning when you wake up in your new place is so wonderful, scary but wonderful. It's only when you look back you are horrified by the sheer magnitude of the stress you coped with and wonder how you did it.

But the human spirit is amazing and we do cope. This is such a nice uplifting post, I hope you have many blessings to count.

Furtheron said...

I have the list on my blog as an outward display of my "gratitude list"... it was a suggestion early on in my recovery from a wiser alcoholic than I.

My first list was about 2 lines long and that was a struggle. I told him and he said - but have you had a drink. "No" I said "But I've thought about one every hour!" "Still" he said "First thing is you haven't had a drink"

I was a struggle now it is easier but I forget to do it... in fact I'm off to update it this very minute.

BS5 Blogger said...

Pretty sweet :-) x

family affairs said...

You are so right...and you've successfully managed to put me off writing my top 10 list of reasons why i'm pissed off (for today anyway). Hope all OK with you - I've moved sites and am making a request for you to rejoin as a follower please!! Everybody's gone away! I'M STARTING TO PANIC Lx

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

I so agree!

I heard some sad/bad news about a friend just down the road from me at the weekend, and it does make you realise you have to count your blessings.

From very rainy Scotland x

nick said...

The old Monty Python song "Always look on the bright side of life" is never far from my mind. I'm a natural optimist and it seems to me you are too most of the time despite all the horrendous obstacles.