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Monday, November 09, 2009

From child to teenager in 24 hours!

Today it is Tall Girls 13th birthday! Goodness me, 13 years ago today I was slightly scared and in some pain! Was it really that long ago? It doesn't seem like it...until you look at her!

She is almost as tall as me now and it is hard to imagine that she was only 6lb and 13oz 13 years ago today. Quite a miracle when you think of it, and I am very fortunate and grateful that she has grown strong and healthy, despite being picky and now fairly attached to junk food!

When I dropped her off to go and run a stall at the local church hall on Saturday, we were a little late. As I parked the car I urged her to run in quickly, so as to be to too late.

She kissed me goodbye, got out of the car, and off she went. Did she run? Did she ****, she didn't even manage a trot. Off she sloped, tall shoulders hunched, scuffing along at snails pace.

I looked at her and 'tutted' to myself. She needed a rocket under her backside, I thought and then I just laughed out loud. How I remember my mother saying the same of me. How I remember, even in my first job, being told that I must move faster, with a sense of urgency if possible! Poor girl, there's no hope!

Happy Birthday Tall Girl

13 today x

Love from your mum

PS. This is not her cake! Though I wish I was clever enough to create one similar to it. Hers is chocolate, made by Granny as always. Chocolate always goes down well. I will miss mum not being here for her birthday, the first day since Tall Girls birth, that she has been absent for either her birthday or her party. Times change, things move on.


Maria said...

It's hard to believe, sometimes! How they grow!

Steve said...

SInce having kids myself I am greatly alarmed at how fast time flies by. Happy Birthday Tall Girl (and well done, mum)!

Maggie May said...

Happy Birthday, Tall Girl!
That cake looks very sophisticated and the chocolate cake sounds more homely, especially made by Nan.

My oldest grandson is 13 as well....... but that was back in April. Somehow or other, I cannot believe that either.

Granddaughters were at parties all weekend! Their social life seems to be a lot busier than mine!

Nuts in May

Furtheron said...

Happy birthday to Tall Girl - I don't envy you being a parent of a teenage girl... I am and I have no bloody idea what is going on ;-)

nick said...

Happy Birthday, Tall Girl. Keep scuffing if you want, don't take too much notice of mummy! And I'm sure the real cake is just as tasty as the one in the pic.

Jennysmith said...

Happy birthday to Tall sprog. My little baby's 13 too. where has that time gone eh? Like you, it only seemed yesterday that I was lying there in the labour room for 12 hours before she decided to appear. (they wouldn't let me smoke!)

I do hope she has a lovely day


French Fancy... said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, a teenager at last. She'll be 18 in about ten minutes

Akelamalu said...

Happy Birthday to Tall Girl.

They grow up too quickly. I can't believe my babies are 38 and 33 respectively! :0

Rose said...

Happy Birthday to Tall Girl! It's amazing how quickly they grow up; best wishes to her on this new and exciting time in her life.

DD's Diary said...

Amazing, isn't it? My Child One was 14 the other day and I can't think where the time has gone ....she is almost as tall as me now. Aren't they incredible? Happy birthday to your Tall Girl

Dori said...

Happy Birthday, Tall Girl!

I remember scuffling into my 13th year...and now here I am beseeching my own children to please slow down with the growing...

And you could make cakes like that, artist that you are. It's really not as much work as it looks.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I know what you mean about the lurching! My step-son's looked like Kevin and Perry as they mooched along the road once to go to the garage to get some sweets. They were cheesed off we wouldn't drive them the few hundred yards to get there! They are fine tall young men of 25 and 21 now and rarely mooch. Hope your girl had a great birthday - but God the pain of being a young teenager is hard to shake. All that uncertainty and excitement rolled into one explosive hormonal child/woman! Good luck.

Chic Mama said...

A belated happy birthday to your daughter. What a milestone.
There is an award for you at mine. x

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

A VERY happy birthday to Tall Girl, and enormous hugs to you, too.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

this is my patch said...

Tall Girl, I hope you had a Happy Birthday. It's nothing new. My mum put a rocket under my backside when I left college. I was all set to take 'time out'. She was not impressed and made me get a job. I was in that job for 25 years! x