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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter

Small Sprog attended a Harry Potter screening at the weekend. He was delighted, and to top it all he had to go 'in character'. He likes dressing up.

A pair of specs with a wand and a scar, I thought, and that should do it. But no. Not for my Small Sprog. I made the mistake of taking him to the local dressing up shop and there he browsed the wigs. There is nothing better for dressing up, than a wig it seems, if you are a Small Sprog. He pulled out a long white wig and beard. Dumbledore. I looked at him. He was animated. I couldn't say no.

I left the shop £10 lighter with a full wig, beard and wand with sound effects! Lovely.

Saturday arrived and he prepared himself. Unfortunately the only cloak we had was red, so he was not a dead ringer for Dunmbledore, more like a festive Old Father Time! Still, he was happy with his 'look' and we all tumbled out of the house at the last minute, as usual, and into the car.

He was having trouble with the mass of material, that was his cloak, as well as his flowing wig and beard, which was almost to his knees. when the wind blew him into the car. Then he needed help with his safety belt. 'I know why girls get all stressy about their hair now' he says in his wisdom as he struggles to free himself of his white tresses.

As we proceed along the road in the car, I notice that he is looking in his lap. I hope he is OK and not wishing he had gone as Harry P. He was looking dejected and not his happy self at all.
'Look!' his sister exclaimed as she saw a cat on the other side of the road.
'I can't see a thing' He replies
'What's the matter Small Sprog?' I ask concerned as I realised he couldn't move his head. I am about to stop the car to see if he is ill.
As it happens it was a technical error!
'My beard is stuck in the safety belt'! He moans as we turn the corner.
We laughed. A lot!


Rob-bear said...

Grand plan, and you worked so hard at it. No demerits for a slight technical misadventure, which you all treated appropriately. Well done!

BTW: If you hire a Bear to work in your greenhouse, would you be employing a hairy potter?

Maggie May said...

That is a lovely tale!
Beards that long need to be watched carefully!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Saz said...

thank sub..l needed that bely laugh!!

Steve said...

Hope he enjoyed the film - the wife and I are hoping to see it on Saturday!

Reasons said...

Ah where is that magic wand when you need it?!

Reasons said...

Ah where is that magic wand when you need it?!

Eternal Worrier said...

Ive just started reading the books. Should keep me going for a bit.

Furtheron said...

Fancied myself as Dumbledoor - when Richard Harris died I drove the family mad walking around quoting lines saying I was going to try for the replacement job... Gambon! Pah! :-)

Liz Hinds said...

I wish I had seen him!

BS5 Blogger said...

Now if that doesn't inspire a book....! What a great post.

Rose said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning, Suburbia:) I bet he made a great Dumbledore!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

How wonderful!! I'm sure he was quite a magical fellow! Wish I could have seen that!

Our Avistrum group (the American Hogwarts school here in Denver) went en mass to one of the local theatres for the midnight release and *everyone* was in character. The Quidditch sets were out, along with wands and all kinds of HP costumes. It was so much fun! We even did HP trivia for the movie goers and passed out all kinds of prizes.


Did all of you like the movie?


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

troutbirder said...

Great story indeed. My grandchildren went thru the same routine in Colorado. No beard stuck in the seat belt though! :)