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Friday, May 27, 2011

Small Sprog again...

"Can I get out of the car through the window mum?" says Small Sprog after school. I thought for a minute. My initial response on the tip of my tongue was NO! But then I thought, why not? It wasn't going to do any harm, was it?
"Yes" I replied. His face lit up. I opened the electric windows and he was out in a trice. "Can I do it again?" He shouts "Can I get in that way, can I?"
Hum, sometimes one makes the wrong choices! What had I started?

We went to the bank and I was thinking he may have forgotten on returning to the car. Who was I trying to kid. "Can I get in through the window?" He says excitedly.
"Well, it's not possible is it?" I say "'Cause I have to open the door to put the key in to open the window in the first place, there's not point in going through the window when the doors open"
He was crestfallen. My grown up logic was totally boring.
"Hang on" I said as I opened the door and placed the key in the ignition, put down the window and shut the door again "Go on then!" In he got, pleased with himself.
"Your turn!" he squeals from the passenger seat.
I did wonder if anyone was watching the ridiculous turn of events as it unfolded, it can't possibly have made sense to a bystander. (And no, I didn't!)

At tea time he tried to gross his sister out by covering his mashed potatoes with tomato sauce. Instead of building a 'volcacno' of potato and then filling it with red hot 'lava', he had leveled it all on his plate and was zigzagging the sauce too and fro. What happened to the table rule of not playing with your food, I thought absentmindedly as I watched him? I really must try harder.
"That's enough sauce!" was about all I could muster, it was almost mesmerising watching the sauce slowly dribble onto his mash. I must have been tired, what was I thinking?
"Look!" He suddenly exclaims "A Jackson Pollock!"
"Oh Yes" We both exclaim.
"We could sell that!"
I guess Damien Hurst has done worse!


Akelamalu said...

Sometimes you have to let them do silly things and what's more it can be fun! :)

Steve said...

If he asks to display his mashed potato in formaldihyde you'll know he's taken you at your word.

Maggie May said...

SS certainly has fun with you! Bless him!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Tattieweasle said...

Just letting them be sometimes is so rewarding! Love his Jackson pollock!

Rose said...

Lol, love the Jackson Pollock comment:) With his creativity, Small Sprog is sure to be a success at whatever he decides to do.

Thanks for the email recently--it's been crazy around here lately getting ready for daughter's reception that I haven't had much time to do anything but read a few blog posts once in awhile. Will get back to you soon. XX

nick said...

Impressive that his artistic awareness is so advanced. Maybe an artistic career beckons? I see a Tracey Emin type domestic interior with plates of mashed potato and tomato sauce on a well-used, slightly rickety kitchen table.

Rob-bear said...

With Small Sprog about the place, I rather doubt that life gets too boring. Steady on there, Mum!

speccy said...

I've just discovered your blog and already know I'll be back to visit, many times.
Love the JP widget!

Eternal Worrier said...

All young lads have the right to make volcanoes out of mashed potatoe. Good to see everything is well. x

Looking for Blue Sky said...

They are just so funny at that age aren't they? Hope the small sprig keeps providing entertaining material for the blog - it's great reading about his antics :)

Liz Hinds said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: that boy will go far!!