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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Help! Now my Mum wants to blog!

I expect her to arrive about 12.45. By 1.15 I start to worry and text her - are you OK or shall I come and get you?

For months now Bristol Water have been digging up the roads around here, they have almost made it impossible to get to my house at all, we are marooned in a sea of deep holes, orange barriers and blue pipework! To make matters worse, Mum has no homing pigeon genes at all, in fact when I was small she would drive her little red Mini into Cheltenham (where we had always lived) park up, take me shopping and then forget where she had parked it. Sometimes we walked several streets before coming across the car, usually by accident.

Anyway, she was half an hour late. After texting her she called back, a little sad and defeated. She was lost, only about 3 streets away but lost all the same. No problem, I told her, I'll come and get you. (Last time she followed the road diversions and eventually found us but this time it was all too confusing.) Poor Mum.

An hour and a half and a few cups of tea later we pick up the children from school, who were very excited to see Granny. The volume rose considerably during the journey with chatter and singing and silliness. "I remember when you said you had the most amazing mum in the world" says Granny to Tall Girl and she agrees. Then Small Sprog pipes up "I've got an amazing mum too but sadly she couldn't be with us today!"
"Thanks Small Sprog!" I fake indignity before we all explode with laughter. He then proceeds to rattle off his current stash of 'oneliners' especially for Grannies delectation. How does he do it?

At home Tall Girl shows off her latest muse, her blog. Yes, she has started blogging and so far been quite successful getting comments after only her first post. She is delighted and excited and glued to it as much as I'd like to be. However now that she is blogging Small Sprog also wants one, he wants to call it "Maybe Broccoli Doesn't Like You Either".

Before she leaves Mum says "When you next come up, can you show me that blogging thingy?"
"You want to blog?"
"Do you know what?" she smiles "I think I do"

Bang goes my anonymity then!

And talking of bloggers, this morning before Mum arrived I met Maggie from Nuts in May for the first time, along with her sometimes blogging son Sam. We shared tea and a few hours chatting together, it was lovely. She is a lot like her blog, she seems very kind and gentle and is softly spoken. We've probably 'known' each other now for nearly 4 years. I hope we can continue in both worlds now we have met virtually. Thanks for meeting up Maggie.

I told Tall Girl all about the meeting. "Maybe I will meet up with someone commenting on my blog one day" She says with glee "Theres' someone commenting from Italy I'd like to meet"
Bristol was easy, I thought, Italy might be trickier but isn't it great still this blogging thing?


Maggie May said...

Theres an epidemic of blogging in your family then! How lovely that the the children are so enthusiastic and now your mother wants to blog as well!
I'm really pleased that my son set up a blog for me as it has brought much pleasure over the years.

It was lovely to meet up today and now I have a picture of you in my head when I read the blog.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Rob-bear said...

If push comes to shove, when your Mum starts blogging and discovers what you're doing, you can always plead insanity.

Though you might be hospitalized and lose your children because of that plea. OK, insanity is not a good plan. Besides, it might prove Small Sprog's point about having another mum.

Um, this is getting too complicated for a Bear. I'm gone.

Steve said...

Come one, come all! There's room for everybody!

Furtheron said...

Silver surfers - I used that phrase the other day to someone and they went into hysterics... not that funny I thought... then he said he had this vision of his Mum blogging about her life... he reckoned the suicide rate would go up... he said she should call it "Shoot yourself now and save the hassle" He has an odd wit...

Just realised we're coming down your patch on our hols - we've booked a week in a farm cottage somewhere near Gloucester..

Anonymous said...

Your mum might want to have an anonymous blog herself!

Akelamalu said...

Mum's blogging??? That's what my son said when I first started. LOL

cheshire wife said...

I have always kept my blog anonymous. Even if they read it I doubt that my family would recognise themselves.

Suburbia said...

Tall Girls blog page by the way:

with her permission :)

nick said...

Goodness, the whole family blogging (or about to be). I hope that doesn't mean you'll never talk to each other because you'll all be busy updating your blogs.

"I've got an amazing mum too but sadly she couldn't be with us today!" ROFL

I think Tall Girl's just found a brilliant pretext for planning an Italian holiday....

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

I think it is lovely when you meet a long term blogging friend and it all goes well!

There are lots of people and places (particularly Australia!) I would never have met or travelled to, if I hadn't started blogging way back in 2005.

I haven't been blogging too much just lately, what with family stuff et al, but it surely is a good way to put your feelings down and it does help to put things in perspective.

Am impressed your whole family is beginning to blog!! And I love small Sprog's humour and proposed blog title!!

Liz Hinds said...

Tell TG I've met Welshcakes from Sicily! (Is this commenter tall, dark and handsome by any chance?)

I love the title of SS's hoped-for blog.