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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hairdressers

"How about a thicker fringe?" My new hairdresser drawled in that sort of knowing way that they have. I agree - do I never learn? She starts to chop and long strands fall into my lap. I look down at them, feel their weight. The brown is flecked with grey now, just a little and the strands attempt to form curls beneath my fingers. I am reminded of the twists of hair that my grandmother used to keep all wrapped in tissue paper inside a pink box on her dressing table, my mothers hair I think, cut from her head when she was a small baby. As a child I was fascinated by the small curl. It resembled hair, light brown and not at all as my mothers was in adulthood but already aged in a way, lifeless and old before its time.

I wondered where I had put the curls from my children, that I collected during their first hair cuts. After several house moves they could be anywhere and had I labelled which curl had belonged to which baby? Probably not.

I picked up the little ball of hair from my lap as she swung me around to 'look at the back' before ushering me to the till - and the colossal bill. I held the severed hair, my hair, not wanting to drop it to the floor. It was warm and resembled, for a moment, a small mammal that needed nurturing.

"Would you like to book your next appointment?" She enquired.

I declined


Rob-bear said...

When I go for hair cuts, I have a very "I think not" mentality fully ingrained in my thoughts. More specifically, I usually have a plan in mind. Either we do my plan (unless I'm having a "whatever" kind of day), or somebody else does my hair. Planning ahead makes life so much easier. And Bearable.

Condolences on the job you've received. You've lost enough already.

Maggie May said...

Oh dear...... I hope you like the new you and have got used to your fringe.
I feel that hair, once its cut, is a bit creepy! I usually put it out for the birds to make a nest out of, if I get a haircut at home (which has been happening lately!)
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Steve said...

It is weird getting your haircut, isn't it? Paying someone to take something away that belongs to you...

Anonymous said...

Oh the grey hairs: yes the pesky buggers.

Akelamalu said...

So do you like the thicker fringe? :)

Suburbia said...

Not really Akelamalu!

nick said...

I thought you were going to say the haircut was a total disaster. Glad it wasn't (though it seems you're not entirely convinced about it). My own hair is pretty short, but an over-enthusiastic hairdresser once gave me a virtual skinhead cut. I was embarrassed to show myself in public for weeks.

Pat Posner said...

Hi, Suburbia
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the painting that illustrated my magazine story.

Love the story about your hair cut and the peep into your childhood.

My last cut was a total disaster and my shorn locks are taking ages to grow.

Carol said...

Urgh! I find going to the hairdressers extremely traumatising which is probably why my hair currently resembles a birds nest! Hope you've got used to the fringe.

C x

Ps. You might want to pop over to my 'Art Is Autobiographical' site. I've just announced March's winner and can you guess who it was? *grins*

Liz Hinds said...

You even make a hair cut poetic! x