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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Girl, The Hamster and The Five Bodyguards!

So Koko the new family cat is settling in, he has his own unique personality and considering he's around one hundred years old in cat years, he's not as grumpy as he could be though he does have a bit of an old mans face! However, the last few months of his life before he came to us were pretty miserable and when I picked him up from the rescue centre, four weeks ago now, I was slightly shocked about the dull sad look in his eyes. Now if you're not a 'pet person' you will think I'm mad, but he did appear depressed. Four weeks on and he's slowly coming out of his shell, he is more sociable and recently has been more 'interactive'!

Anyway today he needed to go for a blood test. Honestly Stinky Cat hardly cost a thing, he was free to a good home and only needed the vet at the end of his life; we probably could have sold the copious methane output from his rear end at a profit too. In contrast Koko has already cost a fortune - though is far less stinky!

So off we went to the vets, Koko vocal all the way. When we arrived the waiting room was fairly empty and, as usual, reasonable quiet. However this didn't last for long, the door opened and in walked a pretty girl in her 20's carrying a small rodent in a carry case no bigger than her cupped hands, shortly afterwards in came her friends, 5 of them, all blokes and very bloky at that. It was a hilarious situation, one small hamster and several burly blokes, I mean what were they doing in there? The waiting room is quite small and they practically filled it single handed. I watched intently as their body language showed their discomfort in such a small and quiet room, and this discomfort oozed form them in noisy macho posturing, it wasn't at all aggressive but a little embarrassing to watch. I looked at the nurses on the desk, they were trying not to laugh as was I though Koko wasn't really concentrating.

When it was time for Koko to see the lovely vet she commented on the noise level and I told her about the girl, the hamster and the 5 bodyguards - anyone would think she had a dangerous dog out there. The lovely vet giggled "Oh my goodness" she laughed "I hope they are not waiting for me" (there were 2 vets on duty)

As I was leaving I noticed that out of the 2 pets waiting, the small dog went into the other consulting room. I looked at the lovely vet "I think they are yours!" I said and she walked back into her room barely able to hide her giggles.

Over by the animal weighing scales there was a sign asking parents not to let their children play on the equipment. At that moment three of the blokes decided to see how much they weighed, standing on the scales one by one. I had to look away...Well I guess they didn't have their mums with them did they?


BS5 Blogger said...

What a caper! Give Koko a hug ? :-)

Maggie May said...

Koko sounds very exotic and I hope the tests are OK.
I wonder what was wrong with the hamster and if they all went in to the lady vet?
Guess we will never know.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Furtheron said...

I sort of get the feeling that the blokes were not there to impressed the hamster... :-)

Liz Hinds said...

Do you know the Hairy Maclary at the vet's story?
I was expecting something like that i.e. cat chasing hamster, knocking over things en route. Your story is more entertaining in a grown-up way though!

Well done to you for taking in Koko. I'm sure he will respond to your love. (having said that I remember the cat we bought with this house; he was a vicious little thing and didn't 'feel the love'[ at all!)

Steve said...

My 4 year old loves playing on the vet's scales... comforting to know he'll still be doing it when he reaches adulthood.

Rose said...

That must have been one special hamster:) I was wondering what you had named your cat--Koko sounds very exotic! I understand completely about the depressed look in his eyes earlier; when we got our first dog Roco at 9 years old, he had spent 6 weeks or more at the shelter. He was so happy to be with us, he quickly put on 10 pounds!

Jennysmith said...

Its amazing how silly blokes will get.

Good for you, rescuing Koko. Most people want cuddly kittens. We did that, I admit, because Daughter was generally scared of cats (she's not now). But my heart goes out to those grown ones who have never known love.

Will get a rescue one if anything happens to Rose. xxxx

Rob-bear said...

A day interesting enough to become a blog post. Doesn't get much better than that.

nick said...

Noisy male posturing because they were unnerved by all the quietness - how typical. It would be nice if guys could appreciate a bit of quiet instead of having to blast it with horseplay.

I hope Koko's blood test turned out okay.