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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Whatever next?

Mum was here. It's always a bit of a lottery when she visits but this took the (dog) biscuit...

We were having a conversation, all of us together, about lovely man who had eaten a dog biscuit in a moment of bravado the other weekend - shortly followed by stern looks from me. Why stern looks you ask? Small Sprog is my answer, I mean, as if he needs encouragement into silliness.

And suddenly, as we are discussing dog biscuits Mum chirps up "Well people eat tinned dog food sometimes don't they?"
We looked at her questioningly "No one eats dog food as a matter of course"
"Yes they do" She was adamant
"No" I argued "It's dangerous. Don't they say you can get salmonella from tinned pet food?"
"Well who exactly would eat dog food as a regular addition to their diet?"
"Asian people"
I gasped. How could she? "Two thirds of the world then?!" Sometimes I am ashamed!

It must be her age...


Looking for Blue Sky said...

Eeek! You really don't want small sprog eating dog food! Hopefully he wasn't listening x

BS5 Blogger said...

The biscuit was ok by me, you know.....x

Rob-bear said...

Sadly, Sub, your mom isn't too far off.

There are lots of Asians who eat dog like we would eat beef or chicken. Dog meat is cheap and there are lots of dogs running around.

And it is well documented that poor people in the US eat canned dog food when they cannot afford anything better. This is particularly true among people in their senior years.

Maybe your mom got the two stories confused a bit.

Sorry to be a Bear-er of bad tidings. (Maybe you should keep this from the kiddies' eyes.)

Maggie May said...

Oh dear..... this *Chinese take away* tale is till going round!

I expect its all sterilised but I wouldn't fancy eating it. Besides I'm vegetarian!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Steve said...

And the French eat horses. Yeah, it's all true.


Anonymous said...

I've always thought that dog food smells slightly better than cat food - I have eaten neither, but never say never ;)

Carol said...

LMAO...some of them may eat dog but I've never heard it said they eat dog food!

C x

nick said...

My 90 year old mum comes up with equally inane comments. I suspect she's just quoting some made-up story from the Daily Mail. She just doesn't think about what she's saying. I mean exactly, who the hell would actually eat dog food for lunch?

Rose said...

I can't imagine where your Mum got this idea, but there are enough crazy stories going around that she probably heard it somewhere. I have read, though, that some people are forced to eat canned pet food because they can't afford anything else. I don't know, canned tuna is pretty cheap, and I'd eat that day after day before I resorted to Alpo:)

Jennysmith said...

Oh, my mum says shocking things too. Yes, I am also ashamed xx

Saz said...

ha ha lve also eaten dog biccies and choccie

saz xx