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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


An Xbox. He wanted and Xbox and that's what he got. Well we all have it really, it's not been off for more than a few hours overnight and I reckon I could hear the bullets firing in my sleep -or is that just the noise of living in the city?!.

Apparently it's his best (and only this Christmas, though he didn't seem to notice that bit) ever present, though I have to say I have my reservations, we only have a small living room and we are currently all in it. Small Sprog  is on the small sofa with the slightly deaf -luckily, as his head is inches from the speakers on the telly- and grumpy cat. Small Sprog is shooting Spartans randomly and has been banned from having the sound up when his sister is in the room! On the other side of the room, lying out on the sofa bed which Lovely Man assembled for me, I am nursing a head cold which Santa kindly gifted to me on Christmas day. I am still unwashed and undressed -though sporting a fluffy dressing gown which renders me more like a marshmallow than a stylish 40 something I would like to - delusionally - believe I really am! Next to me is Tall Girl sporting one of her many Christmas lounging type outfits, this one, a blue and white striped onsie, vaguely reminds me of a convict suit though she prefers to imagine it as looking 'Very French'. Lovely man is sitting on the bean bag as the last remaining chair is squashed behind the Apple Mac(which doesn't usually live in the middle of the room) on which TG  and I are watching catch ups of Christmas comedy which we only watched yesterday. There is a pile of tissues next to me and TG has crumbs down her Onsie which she informed me would be OK as they would drop out by her ankles later should she ever leave the sofa bed today. Lovely Man has made us all lunch, I have been spoilt and although this is not necessarily how I imagined today would go, it is, without doubt Boxing Day bliss... Well maybe not for the cat but hey ho, you can't please everyone all of the time.

"Oh look, I've got no Jelly Beans left" Small Sprog says gleefully with a sugar induced grin. There's a fairly spacious box of chocolates near my feet and I slyly attempt to pull it towards me using the duvet as leverage.While he is shooting things he is randomly shouting out phrases from the most recent Out Numbered Christmas Special - as if I don't already feel as though I live on the set of that particular sitcom already! If only he could remember his school work like that rather than a handful of random one-liners. 

Tall Girl wanders off to wash her hair- and use all the hot water I anticipated using in my bath-before she gets to work with her new 'Styling Wand'.

Lovely Man at last gets a go on his Apple Mac and the cat gives me a look that could kill as I do an uncontrollably massive sneeze - I knew he wasn't that deaf- curls up again and puts a paw over his ears - like that's going to stop the rain of bullets firing just above his left ear.

And so life goes on

Happy Boxing Day everyone


Elizabeth said...

Happy Christmas, dear Suburbia to you and yours.
Do hope it will stop raining in the UK before too very long!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Most unfair of Santa to leave you a cold, hope he left you something nice as well, and that you're feeling better today :)

Rob-bear said...

Oh, m'lady. Such decadence (or reasonable facsimile thereof). Much more, and I fear you'll be spoiled rotten by that Lovely Man.

Santa brought you a cold? I'm so sorry to hear that. Not fun at all. However, which would you prefer; a cold or a lump of coal?

All the best for a drier and creative 2013.

nick said...

Boxing Day bliss indeed - except for the cat maybe. Jenny and I are actually sober for long enough periods to have a chess tournament. One all so far.

Anonymous said...

You have a cold... there is definitely something going round at the mo. Little Sprog will love the XBox, in fact I bet you struggle to get him off it!

Happy Christmas Sub x

Trish said...

I don't know why I've not popped over here before. We both comment on Steve's blog.
Love your description of the festivities. Your daughter and my son would get along well in their onesies.

Working Mum said...

Isn't it just the way; when you finally sit down after weeks of stress and activity, you get a cold! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Suburbia said...

Thank you-me too

Suburbia said...

Thank you Bear, you too

Suburbia said...

Good luck then Nick!

Suburbia said...

Indeed I fear he has already been assimilated!
Happy New Year to you

Suburbia said...

Thanks for visiting Trish

Suburbia said...

That's true WM
Happy new year to you!

Liz Hinds said...

Sounds pretty good - head cold excepted.

lots of love and good wishes for 2013! Maybe we can get together again this year!

Maggie May said...

That sounds just like a home from home! The perfect Boxing Day.
Happy New Year to you all.
Maggie x

Nuts in May