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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Happy Birthday!

How do you count the passing of time? For me it has always been through the growing up of children. Not always my own. Years ago my very good friend had children before I'd even thought I'd ever be a mother and watching them grow back then, that was my marker of time. One of them has their own children now - all so strange in a way - it's part of what we are here for as a human race, yet the passing of time is not an even flow, where does it all go?

Last week I met up with a few of my anti natal group. All of our oldest children are now 20, were 20, within 6 weeks of each other. It's a strange mix, that group. We all get on but we are all so different and the only way we know each other is the fact that we conceived within weeks of each other and lived in the same district nurse area.

Years ago when we managed to leave the 'ankle biters' for the night - which was never easy - we used to exchange birthing stories! No, really, there's somethings you can only appreciate with certain people and we all knew each others stories well. This week we talked about the menopause! Yep, that's how long it's been.

And here's the real reason for this post. This week it's Small Sprogs birthday, he is 17. So how did we come this far? We have had a family day with Laser Tag and pizza to celebrate early. Everyone attended as did a new comer - Tall Girls first boyfriend. I love the way we have so many more people in our family now and the love is very tangible whenever we get together, I am truly blessed.

So, 17. Its only a year since I wrote this post  and we were still living in Bristol, just the 3 of us and I wasn't married quite yet.

Every year, at poignant times, I do the looking back/looking forward thing. I do it much less often and I can't remember the last time I did it with regret. At the moment I do it with pure wonder. How did I get here? How did I get us all here?

These days its not all up to me. Big Al is great at planning and I can take a back seat with the worrying too. I guess somethings are meant to be? Do we make our own future?

How do you count the passing of time?


Maggie May said...

I just relish each moment as I'm grateful for my extended life!

I find as I get older, time seems to go faster. It's like being on a merry go round! I think I read somewhere that it's a normal physical change that takes place in our brains as we age.

Happy 17th to SS. 17 already.

Pleased that you're so happy! You deserve it.
Maggie xxx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I try to hold back time to be honest! One of the good things about my situation is that I still have 3 children at home and only 1 is truly an adult. Smiley will always be like a small child in some ways, so I'm stuck in a time warp of sorts, and trying to ensure I stay that way myself, physically and mentally! Last night I was chatting about birth for the first time in many years and it took me ages to retrieve the name of my favoured form of pain relief (pethidine in case you're interested...) Glad you don't do the looking back/looking forward thing with regret xx

Elizabeth said...

How well I remember your first blogging posts -when I was in Morocco and your children were small!
How I loved hearing their adventures and your escape form your first marriage.
My husband is 70 today - and we have 3 grandchildren…..
how time moves on.
We are in New York - but thinking of leaving America as things are so vert very bad here.

Please please keep in touch.
if you have the urge read up about my books on Amazon UK
just go to books and look up Elizabeth Wix!

nick said...

How do I count the passing of time? Goodness, I've never really thought about it! Time just passes as I get what I can from life. I certainly don't have any regrets, I've had a fortunate life with things generally working out well. The early part of my life is now so distant it seems like it all happened to a completely different person.

As you know, I've been following your blog for many years and I'm glad life has worked out so well for you after so many difficulties. I remember when you were still going through all the huge stresses of getting a divorce....

Liz Hinds said...

How wonderful! A growing family and so much love. Enjoy! xx

DD's Diary said...

17!! Quite a milestone. Time just melts, doesn't it? I try and savour the moments - but it's hard to remember sometimes :)

Rob-bear said...

With respect, at 17 Small Sprog is not so small. At all.

Blessings and Bear hugs!