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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse arrived just before we went on holiday. I can't say I was pleased to see it, it looked like trouble to me! Thankfully, Husband ignored it for a while but the other weekend he summoned the strength to begin erecting it.

It bites this greenhouse. Bites and scratches too. It didn't come with a warning. It didn't come with much at all come to that. Imagine Greenhouse of the Ikea kind and you'll be close.

I have to say Husband has surpassed my limited expectations. He has 'kept at it' despite injuries and set backs. I have not heard him swear once, though I must say I have kept well out earshot!
Bits of greenhouse have spent the last 10 days lying on the lawn, the ends lovingly wrapped in rags to stop it biting anyone who unsuspectingly wanders past. However last night, after work, it became almost greenhouse shaped!

I looked out of the kitchen window to see 3 sides vertical, with help from the garden bench and the washing line, but even so I had the idea we had arrived at the summit and it would be down hill all the way from here. Alas it was not to be. I went upstairs to make sure Small Sprog washed in his bath rather than just 'marinated' and while I was up there a dejected Husband shuffled in.

"How's it going then?" I asked cheerily.

"It's not!" He muttered

"But it was nearly up just now."

"Well, I bolted 3 corners together and then I couldn't find anymore bolts, so I took it all down again" He really did look deflated. His Greenhouse, the one he'd been coveting for years, was almost a reality, only to be dashed at the last hurdle.

"Oh dear" was all I could manage. Small Sprog was swishing backwards and forwards in the bath and the water was dangerously close to spilling out and through the kitchen ceiling.

"Will you have to go back to the garden centre to get some more?"

"No I've found them"

"But you've taken it all apart again" I say, stating the obvious which probably didn't help.

"I know, after I'd taken the last bolt out I picked up a bit of plastic bag and there they were inside." I resisted the urge to laugh! How could he have gone to all that trouble for nothing? Poor Husband, and he was bleeding again, his arm this time.

He came home briefly this morning. The petrol situation means he's staying close to home. He'd been to the garden centre to get some extra bolts anyway, 'just in case'.

"I saw that nice bloke again"

"Which nice bloke" I ask, puzzled.

"The one who sold me the greenhouse"

"Oh" Is always a safe reply, but I was thinking "If he was that nice he would have kept it in the shop!"

Husband continued "I told him I was having a bit of trouble and he said he had someone in last week who'd been trying to put one together for 6 months now!"

Great! Roll on Christmas I say!


Lindsay said...

Putting the glass into the frame is a nightmare - it shrieks, squeaks, groans and of course breaks! Good luck to Husband.

Liz said...

Oh no! Husband will do it much faster than that. Now he's got his bolts, bless him.

I don't know why you weren't out there, helping him, holding up bits, and asking questions like: should you have that bit left over?

Akelamalu said...

I know instructions are usually written in Chinese but were there any? :(

Anonymous said...

I love your posts, Suburbia. They always make me giggle. Thank you for that.

How disheartened he must have been, and how lucky to have such a thoughtful partner.


Maggie May said...

Oh dear! Sounds lethal with all the jagged edges. What a pity he had to take it all down before the missing bolts were found!
Maybe he will grow something really exotic once it is up and make up for all the trouble!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello there Suburbia!

If the retailer was of any merit, he would do a home visit! What a nice post this was and what a tolerant and diplomatic Bloggess you are!

scargosun said...

Might have been something the guy at the garden center should have mentioned upon purchase...

Dori said...

Maybe your greenhouse and my bathroom will be done around the same time and we can celebrate!

We now know, by name, the workers in the plumbing department at the home store! And none of them have offered to come help either! :D

Anonymous said...

Built mine against the garage, so any broken glass came from that side and was replaced by wood,Brett

Kitty said...

Awwww, poor husband. I had no idea they were so difficult to put together, but now I come to think about it ... they must be, mustn't they? All that 'structure' and the glass???

Hope he manages to achieve it soon.


blogthatmama said...

Hi Suburbia, enjoying your blog - my husband took 12 hours to put an Ikea bed together, it wasn't even a bunk bed...hope the shed's up and running soon blogthatmama

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Just in time for Poinsettias!

Hopefully it will get put together before too long...


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Suburbia said...

Hi Linsay
Thanks for that! I was so caught up in the structure I'd forgotton about the glass aspect!

Liz, isn't "should you have this bit left over" your line?!! Feel free to come and help any time (please!)

Akelamalu, the instructions were diagrams and quite scant! No chinese, but as things have turned out even that might have helped!

Dear Hullaballoo
I have never thought of myself as thoughtful in that sense!!!

Hi Maggie, He'll either grow something exotic or sleep in it!

BS5, diplomatic moi?

Hi Scargosun, ha. but then he wouldn't sell any at all!

Dori, I'd love a joint celebration please.

Great tip Brett, I keep forgetting it has glass!

Hi Kitty, fingers crossed, because if he doesn't he may not have any limbs left that are not shreded!

Thanks for the encouragement Blogthatmama ;)

Hi Scarlett, Poinsettias, that's a cheerful thought.

Elizabeth said...

I love your stories - but how miserable your husband must be!
Mine of 32 years (!) f's and blinds A LOT when things go wrong. I hide.
I would rather pay workmen than have to 'help' him.
I have added you to my blog roll.
Tell your son swishing in the bath tub is much more important than washing........

Rose said...

Husband deserves a lot of credit--mine would have given up by now and thrown the whole thing in the trash! I thought "the nice bloke" might have offered some helpful secret on how to put it together.

Meanwhile, Small Sprog marinates in the tub, LOL. Each of my kids went through a stage where they would stay in the bathtub for an hour, but never use any soap. He'll survive:)

Can Bass 1 said...

Personally, I'm with your husband on this. Frankly, having bought something at great personal expense only then to have to personally complete the manufacturing process - at no cost - is a damned impertinence.

Suburbia said...

Hi Elizabeth and thanks.

Hi Rose, yes his patience is astonishing!

Welcome can bass 1, I'll pass on your support!

THE MOM BOMB said...

I'm impressed with your Hubs. Mine just might have lost it. Then again, mine would never, ever attempt to put anything together.