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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Small Sprog post!

I have just visited BS5 and he has captured a bug for Small Sprog! So I just had to show this! (not trying to out do, you understand, just add to the collection!) It landed, one afternoon, just outside our villa in Majorca. It's a bit out of focus and to be truthful I couldn't bring myself to get any closer with the camera as I'm not keen on flying things, so this is as good as it gets!! Sadly you can't quite appreciate how BIG it was from this photo. I was temped, at the time, to place something next to it to add perspective but I didn't want to scare it away (yes really, I wasn't scared of it flying up at me at all!) It was about 5 inches long and able to fly not just hop! I think it was a cicada, but it doesn't appear in Small Sprogs book so I'm not completely sure!!

Of course he was delighted with it and (obviously) wanted to take it home, along with a few dead beetles that he'd found earlier in the week! I reminded him that it was still very much alive and he couldn't see the problem, although he thought he may have a better chance of persuading me to let him have it if the thing was dead, so he crossed his fingers and hoped it would 'peg it' over night! He was quite upset when it was missing the next morning. However Tall Girl breathed a sigh of relief because she doesn't share his enthusiasm for bugs and refused to go anywhere near it!

Back to this weekend and Small Sprog has been to a water pistol party with the nit children down the road. He came home completely drenched right through to his pants and had a thoroughly great time. It looked completely wild as they all raged up and down the street outside, water pistols in one hand and birthday cake in the other!! Luckily our next door neighbours are away this weekend as their children are grown up now and they are not amused when the children all play together outside even though (apparently) their own children ran wild here years ago!

As I was drying Small Sprog down (before he went back out to battle number 2 unbeknown to me!) I noticed his non specific (so the doctor said), non contagious rash has nearly disappeared! Thank goodness. He looked rather like Mr Blobby yesterday!


BS5 Blogger said...

Cor - He's a huge flying, hopping chap! I can just hear Small Sprog's zeal! Tall Girl is a very sensible young woman, isn't she?

Peter said...

I just had to say, what a horrible little bug! Bleugh! I remember those kind of things in Japan...

I love your previous post about the teacher conversation - brilliant!

And I'm liking the ABC Wednesdays too - I shall be back for further letters!!!

Take care,

Lindsay said...

Surburbia you will see I have posted my comment about Small Sprog on your previous blog "Do as I do" by mistake - sorry - I am new to all this - and I love it!

Rose said...

I don't know anything about the flora and fauna of Majorca, but this certainly looks like a grasshopper to me. We have tons of these every summer; they hop but also fly. I'll have to take a picture of one for Small Sprog; I could probably catch one and mail it to him, if postal regulations allowed it!

BTW, I like your new icon or profile picture. It inspired me to add one of my own, hope you don't mind me copying you!

Akelamalu said...

Yuk I hate bugs of any description. You're a great Mum letting him keep them!

Dori said...

I remember those huge locusts from when we lived around that area--that and the HUGE waterbugs that looked like roaches on steroids! My skin crawls just thinking about it! Of course, showing the bug picture to my son made his morning--and the ensuing questions carried us through breakfast and on. :D

Hullaballoo said...

I have lost count of the number of water pistols I have confiscated after the kids tried to drench each other indoors. Somehow they always seem to be a great idea when I buy them but the novelty soon fades.

Suburbia said...

Hi BS5! Hmm, sensible sometimes!

Peter, welcome. I look forward to seeing you again.

Hi Lindsay, thanks for commenting, I don't mind where you do it!!!

Hi Rose we have grasshoppers here but they are a fraction of the size of this whopper! You do get some giants over there don't you? I remember the night worm things you menyioned!

PS Your Rose is just perfect!

Suburbia said...

Can't spell mentioned!

Suburbia said...

Akelamalu, I don't kknow about that! I do dispose of them occasionally when the novelty has worn off and they smell!

Hi Dori, love your bug boy :)

Hullabaloo, I think you have a point. He is NOT allowed to shoot me. (How long do you think that will last?!)

Maggie May said...

I thought it was a cockroach. They were EVERYWHERE in the Canary islands, but I know thats way off the main land. Like near Africa!

Liz said...

Ooh big flitty thing - urgh. Run screaming from room. Very brave of you to get that close.

kylie said...

hi suburbia,
my dear peter recommended you so here i am. as an australian and knowlegable about bugs i can tell you a cicada is much fatter and rather beautiful. and maggie may...cockroaches are flat and ugly

Peter said...


I have to say that the cicadas in Japan were certainly not beautiful and screamed the place down - they were SO noisy - a terrible noise :-(

Glad to see you popped over

Hi to everyone :-)

kylie said...

yep, they're noisy but the colours....gorgeous iridescent green

Suburbia said...

Liz, now come back and just give it a pat it won't bit!!!

Kylie and Peter, thanks for boosting my comments!!