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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mega Memory

I went to the Oxfam book shop yesterday and spent loads of money! There were so many bargains there, I found it hard to stop myself and anyway it was all in a good cause.

Most of it was for Small Sprog, a Horrible Science book about bugs, 2 large books one about castles and another about vehicles, with fab pictures of the aforementioned in cross sections, the Beano annual 2007 (which is all I went in for!) and some audio tapes.

This was one of the story tapes, a Dick King Smith story about a dog called Smasher. I thought it would be right up Small Sprogs street!

He was delighted. He loves listening to story tapes and I love him listening to them because it keeps him quiet! So when I showed him all his new things he sprinted straight upstairs and was gone for some time (bliss!). However when he came down later I asked him if the story tape was good. He wrinkled his nose.

"Isn't it a good story?" I asked

"There's a lot of explanation at the beginning " He complained "But it's OK."

"That's funny" I thought. Perhaps he meant the bit at the beginning where the reader explains copyright or something. I thought no more about it.

So this morning when I went into his room to see if he was dressed, I was pleased to see that he was listening to his tape again. The narrator had a gentle Canadian accent which was quite pleasant to listen to.

"Is this your new tape?" Why do you ask this sort of question when you know the answer is yes?! I often tell him off for asking the obvious!


I listened some more.

"This doesn't sound like an animal story" I say "Are you sure you've put the right tape in?"

"YES" In his 'duuurrr -brain' voice!

"Are you sure?" I make towards his tape player and open it up. This is what was inside!!

The photo is a bit blurred. I think I was giggling when I was taking it! In case you can't read it, the tape is 'Kevin Trudmans Mega Memory, lesson six'. Not quite Dick King Smith. Not quite a story at all! I can't believe he had listened to it for so long. And where were lessons 1 to 5?!It was extra funny because Small Sprog is not renowned around here for his memory at all. In fact sometimes I worry that he isn't quite with the real world, he often has zero recall!

"You can't listen to this" I laugh "It's not a story"

"But I like it" He whined.

"It's for grown ups"

"But it's a good story" He protests.

I knew what he meant. The man had quite a soft voice, you could just imagine being lulled into a soothing sleep whilst listening! But story it was not. Poor old Small Sprog. It has made me wonder if he actually takes in any of his story tape stories. Perhaps he just likes the sound of a narrators voice for company!


BS5 Blogger said...

Now that was funny! You have no quarter left now...Super Memory Man (AKA Small Sprog) will say one day soon, 'But Mummy, on June 19th, you said I could stay up an extra 11 minutes , and tonight you only said 5, so you owe me 4!'

All your excuses and Small Sprog handling tactics will now be subject to a pin sharp memory and near perfect call. If SS suddenly has a thing for moose, snow, maple syrup and Ice Hockey, you know that Canadian man has really done his stuff.

Great post!

reader Wil said...

What a nice story! You are a great story teller! My daughter often buy at Oxfam!

Rose said...

That's so funny! Did they put the wrong tape in the package? Now if Small Sprog starts remembering everything you've told him, you'll know why:)

Liz said...

Oh my, what a great story! the one you tell I mean not the 'story' on cassette!

My friend once read a whole Stephen King novel thinking she was reading Maeve Binchy.

Kitty said...

I love the book sections in charity shops - I'm often to be found there. Had to laugh at small sprog though - perhaps he'll learn something from it? We're big fans of Dick King-Smith in our house - loads of brilliant stories! x

Akelamalu said...

I thought you were going to say it was a hypnotherapy tape!:)

Kahshe Cottager said...

Thanks for the smile this story gave me! And thank you for stopping by my blog! It's always nice to meet someone new!

Suburbia said...

Hi BS5, I hope you are wrong! I just have 'I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok' going around in my head!

Thanks Reader Wil

Hi Rose, yes I didn't check what was inside and neither did they! I hope it works, his msmory is dreadful!

Liz, that's so funny! How could she confuse the two??!

Hi Kitty, I'm no good at finding clothes and things in charity shops though. I don't seem to have the 'knack'.Acctually, I obviously don't have the 'knack' for tapes either, considering what happened.

Hi Akelamalu, I wonder what I would have liked to hypnotise him to do?!!

Ditto Kahshe cottager

Hullaballoo said...

That's hilarious, no wonder you were shaking with laughter.

I sent off for a positive thinking tape from ebay once. Turns out Positiv Thinkin is a German thrash metal band lol lol.