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Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are family!

Tall Girl is happy, she feels settled, because at last she knows which school she is going to attend in September. We have bought her her new school uniform and this week, every night, when she gets home from school she puts it on! All of it! I am savouring the moment of her delight with it. Another 5 years of wearing it and she may not feel the same.

Rascal rang for Small Sprog last night "Can you meet me on Club Penguin?"

"Mum can I use the computer?" He squeals with delight. It's not often the phone rings especially for him, and a girl to boot!

"Yes, just let me sign out of my blog"

"She's just signing out of her blog" says Small Sprog down the phone in a tutting tone. "That's all she does is blog, blog, bloggety blog!"

Tell it as it is why don't you?!


Böbø said...

There are reports from Sweden of young people being increasingly concerned about their parents internet addiction.

If it isn't dad's viewing unsavoury sites. It's blogging mums. Or worse, mum's addicted to MMORPG's like World of Warcraft.

So at least you haven't descended to the basement, yet.

Suburbia said...

Hi Bobo, why do only dads visit unsavory sites?
I have just read about MMORPG's, I can see its appeal!

Akelamalu said...

Oh the novelty of a new uniform! ;)

And is it? All you do just blog? ((wink))

Working mum said...

It's only a problem when you are running five blogs and the kids haven't been bathed or fed for days. I don't think I'm far off!

Alaina said...

Ha! I'm glad I live alone... no one to nag me about 'computer time'!

Dori said...

Glad to hear the news about the school! Is it the one you appealed for?

I remember being sooooo proud of my new uniforms!

The bloggety blog bit has a nice ring to it--a new nursery rhyme for a new age!

scargosun said...

He's just putting the word out there for you that you have an awesome blog. :)

Rose said...

Glad to hear that Tall Girl's school is settled for this fall.

I have always wondered how you and others manage to write a post every day. As long as Small Sprog hasn't been forced to fix his own meals and vacuum, I don't think your addiction is harming the family:)

The Dotterel said...

Seriously, though, it is becoming worryingly addictive. I've been known to leave the vacuuming to check on posts.

Suburbia said...

Akelamalu, yes certainly is!!

Working mum, me neither

Alaina, yep!

Dori, yes a nursery rhyme for our times, brilliant idea!!
No she didn't get the appeal. There were 30 and no one got in (which makes us feel that it wasn't just our failure) However she has the next best option, second only because of the long distance travel every day, but next best thing is something to be thankful for I guess. Thanks for asking :-)

Scargosun, so kind!

Rose, what do you mean? Small Sprog gets up early to vacuum and prepare tea for the evening, every day (can you imagine what we'd get?)!! ;-)

Liz said...

Ah, make the most of it: school uniform will soon be unrecognisable.

Repeat after me: there is no such thing as blog addiction. It's a myth put about by hungry children and husbands in need of clean shirts.

BS5 Blogger said...

Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Small Sprog, the world of women in all their complexity and oddness are warming to you; top lad, top place to meet.

BS5 x

PS: Suburbia - nice flowers, nice jugs (hee hee)

Suburbia said...

BS 5, glad you like my jug (S)!

MissKris said...

You mean there's something ELSE to do in life besides blog?!? ;-P