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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where do babies come from?

I heard this story in the staffroom and seeing as nothing very funny has happened to me today I just had to share it with you.

At school all the junior children are having sex education sessions this term. These include videos which range from cute kittens appearing (magically!) under the stairs for the 8 year olds, through to seeing a baby being born for the 11 year olds. I have watched the videos and they handle the whole puberty/changes thing very well and seem appropriate. However it seems to promote lots of hilarity every year. And that's just the teachers!

One teacher also has a child at the school. He is 11, therefore he has viewed the 'birth' video this week. After school the other day she went into the local Spar shop with her children, the 11 year old and her daughter who is about 18 months old (along with all the other mums from school who have no idea what they are having for tea!). They were standing in a large queue, which is normal at this time of day because the very small lady on the till knows all the customers and enjoys a good chat. They had had the obligatory conversation about "How was your day?" and "What's the weather like outside?" and the queue was shuffling slowly towards the till. All was well until the 11 year old says in a loud voice but very innocently "Mum, you must have a really large vagina!!" Needless to say she was speechless and the hole in the floor that should have opened up just wouldn't have been deep enough anyway!! Of course he was just thinking about his video, where the baby comes from and how large his sisters head was. Just thinking aloud. Sometimes the words just pop out without you even thinking don't they?!

The baby in the picture above is made out of sugar/marzipan. Amazing!


minijonb said...

i always knew babies tasted good, i didn't know it was because they made of marzipan!!!

= : - )

Anonymous said...

You mean that picture isn't real? Say it isn't so!

Elizabeth said...

This is very funny!
When I was eleven, I don't think I even knew the word vagina.......

Sandpiper said...

LOL!!! I would have died!!

swile67 said...

out of the mouth of babes!! hilarious! the marzipan baby is a work of art...very real like!

BS5 Blogger said...

Lovely way to start a Friday. A big fanny story!


Hope you have a great day. You know where I am and I am already larking about here.

BS5 Blogger said...

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday's flowers only 24 hours ago but as I only slept 2 of 24 I can't really tell what day it is!

BS5 x

Rose said...

Oh so funny! Of course, if I had been the Mom, my face would have turned as red as all the strawberries I have been eating.

Suburbia said...

Welcome minijonb, I like to have new visitors.

Alaina, aparently not. Someone has sent me an e-mail with pictures of loads of sugar babies. Whoever made them must have far more patience than I.

Hi Elizabeth, yes neither did I at that age. That is the problem with these videos, they use the biological language and, when used, it seems so out of place.Mind you, best they don't know the alternatives either!

Hi Sandpiper, I think she did briefly.

Hi Swile67, yes indeed!

BS5, Glad you like my big fanny (story)!!

It's funny you are lurking here when you're there!

My flowers are still beautiful and I am keeping them watered, so they should last the weekend:)

Now go and get some sleep or you won't be able to shoot straight!

Maggie May said...

Happy Birthday! Pity about work!
Thanks for the chocs & flowers!
Hope the wet jumper didn't go right through a carpet. I get this kind of thing happen all the time!

Maggie May said...


Liz said...

Aw, children, don't you just love them?! Great story.

I made a rabbit once out of fondant icing. No, actually I made its head. the rest was under the bedspread.

Working mum said...

LOL! Out of the mouths of babes.

I'm surprised they watch a video of a birth, I nearly fainted watching one in my antenatal class. Why do they do that? It's not like I have to watch myself giving birth, is it?

Susan said...

That is hysterical! Sounds just like my 11 year old. He wanted to discuss his sex ed class with me not his father. I am so glad he didn't ask me about the size of my vagina. He was more into talking about the diagram on pg 16 of his take home book.

Dragonstar said...

Kids and what they say!!!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Thanks for your line back on my comment - you are funny!