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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Poles appart

Two nights ago I was taking this photo, and now I'm back. It's funny but it seems like I've never been away! That's what a whole day at work does for you.

The trip was good. Both the flights were normal this time and on the way home Tall Girl managed to look out of the plane window once or twice! So hopefully that is the end of that little phobia that she was cultivating.

We had mixed weather while we were away. In fact it was the worst May weather there since 1940!!! However, saying that, we did see quite a bit of sun (suitably tanned and gorgeous thank you BS5!) and loads more than we would have had had we stayed at home apparently.

Small Sprog ate his own body weight in garlic while we were there and Tall Girl has learnt how to 'strike a pose'!!

One evening, whilst fighting over who should have the antihistamine cream conveniently placed next to their bed(in case of an intolerable itchy bite incident), her or me, Tall girl took a look at my mosquito medals and said in a very grownuppy voice ' Well that's what happens when you wear a dress out at night'!! Oh She of Great Wisdom, who on the same night wore extremely short shorts. I felt like I was on holiday with my mother!

Small Sprog was in his element. I swear he is a reincarnation of someone who once lived in the Mediterranean. He just soaks it all up, the food, the sun, the lifestyle everything. Indeed he wants to live there. He says it is his 'first home'. However when we got in the car to leave for the airport yesterday morning he was very quiet. Five minutes into the journey I turned around to check that we hadn't just left him behind on the pavement (he is rarely quiet for long). But there he was, sitting behind me with huge great tears rolling silently down his lovely brown cheeks. No sound was coming out at all. Tears welled up in my own eyes, he looked so sad and inconsolable. 'I don't want to go home' he cried. I knew how he felt.


Mean Mom said...

Aaah! You must have had a good holiday, then! Welcome back! Love the photos, particularly the bottom one.

Dori said...

I cried when we left Spain as well! Hopefully being re-united with his bedside collection of morbid bits raised his spirits! :)

scargosun said...

OH! I know how Small Sprog feels! Cape Cod is where my soul dwells and not a year has gone by (on over 30) that I have not cried upon departure. Tell him to write about it and always to keep it close to his heart. A part of him will always be there. :)

Sorry for the sappiness, wine does that to me. It's still true.

BS5 Blogger said...

Good morning Suburbia (AKA 'Tanned & G'), what a lark that all sounds! Where were you? Did I miss the location in some completely obvious pre-holiday post? Poor old SS with his refreshingly honest take on life.

Have a good Thursday!

Böbø said...

Perhaps it's the old naval historian in me, but I can't help thinking about 1940, and how the locals might have be musing then, that the weather was shit, and that World War Two wasn't a ton of fun either.

girl with the mask said...

Parental role-reversal... I know ALL about that! I am my mothers mother!

GatorUnit said...

Aw, bless him. I remember Elder Son bursting into tears one year when we were on the homeward leg of our journey.

Glad you had a good time though. Tall Girl is too wise by far.

Liz said...

Did that last comment say it was from gator? If so, it wasn't. It was me.

Grit said...

aahh, sad for small sprog, but we have a rule now, and that is to always leave a place never feeling complete. Then there is a reason to travel again.

Rose said...

Ah, poor Small Sprog--I do empathize with him. A holiday with no cares in the world, just planning what kind of fun to have next is heaven. I'm never ready to go home at the end of a trip either. Were you somewhere in the Mediterranean? If so, I definitely wouldn't have wanted to come home!
Glad you had good flights.

Suburbia said...

Hi Mean Mom, thanks and good to be back!

Yes Dori, and we have added to the collection since! He wanted to bring back some gigantic beetle from Spain but I managed to persuade him to leave it behind (I think!)

Scargosun, that's lovely sappiness thanks!

Hi BS5, we were in a part of Spain, I'll blog about it.

Bobo, LOL!

GWTM, I think she may blog about me when I am your mums age!

Liz, I know your crazy but do you have an alter ego too? Who is Gatorunit?!!

Oh Grit that is such a lovely idea.

Maggie May said...

Glad you had a good time in spite of the mozzies & the bad May weather.
It is amazing how you can slot straight back into routine though!

Anonymous said...

Poor small sprog, he is such a sweetie. I want to scoop him up and bring him over to play with my small sprogs.

Suburbia said...

Hullaballoo, That would be great wouldn't it!