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Friday, June 06, 2008

Do as I do!

Conversation between four teachers, overheard in the staffroom at lunchtime:

'He was so naughty in class today I didn't know what to do with him!'

'Well you know he was at hospital until 11 o clock last night'

'No! And they sent him into school? What was wrong?'

'Something wrong with his tonsils. Oh yes and he's been constipated for weeks!'

'Poor diet I expect.'

'Yes' Smugly 'They probably feed him rubbish'

I knew the child they were talking about and he does have a tough time. However as I glanced up to see their smugness and superior healthy eating habits I noticed all four were tucking into a bag of crisps each!!


Sandpiper said...

Good one! Set an example, a child will follow.

Mean Mom said...

Some people are amazing, aren't they? Very quick to criticise other's behaviour, but never examine their own!

It's my birthday (7th June) and I'm having a 1950s virtual birthday party. Please call by if you have time!

Casdok said...

Its so easy to make assumptions, and we usually get it wrong.
I hope hes ok.

BS5 Blogger said...

Morning! I don't have much time for teachers - they do tend to lean towards Guardian reading smugness and presume that the country must revolve around them. They do a sound job but YAWN YAWN when they go on!

Akelamalu said...

QUITE! I hate superior types, don't you?

girl with the mask said...

Are you a teacher too? I don't much like teachers... in general I think tem to be bizarre sorts. Unless, of course, you are indeed a teacher. Then I take that back!

Rose said...

Point well made. Interesting, though, the amount of personal information these teachers had. At our school everything was subject to privacy laws and regulations. Teachers often weren't told if one of their students was suffering from clinical depression or suicidal tendencies. Of course, I don't think I needed to know if someone had been constipated for weeks!

Working mum said...

HI! Thanks for popping over to mine.

This post made me laugh. Talk about pot calling kettle black!

Will be back. WM x

this is my patch said...

Can you believe that, the audacity! Can't blame 'em though, I would be eating a bag too. x

MissKris said...

I haven't come across your real first name yet and I have my favorite 'reads' listed by first names. Would you please stop by and let me know what it is...or email if you don't feel comfortable putting it in the comments? My email addy is:

Thanks!! Or I'll just put you under there as Suburbia if that's how you'd like it. I know anonymity is very important to some people and I respect that!

Suburbia said...

Hi Sandpiper, not a great example was it?!!

Mean Mom that was a fantastic party, shame I only got there at the last minute, and there is something very stcky and a little hairy inside that party bag you found for me under the table!

Hi Casdok, He's always smiling and such a rascle. I hope his personality can overcome what life throws at him

Ha BS5, just as well I'm not one then!! Learning support is my bag and a MUCH more worthwile job I think. Crap money though!

Nice to see you again Akelamalu!

GWTM, you don't have to take it back! My job is learning support. Mostly the dyslexic ones and I like it much better than being a teacher.

Hi Rose. They do share information here although it's not meant to leave the school. It is useful if the child is distressed in class, if you know the're having a tough time you can make allowances for behaviour.

So nice to see you Working Mum and This is My Patch.

Misskris, BS5 will be really cross if I disclose my 'real' name! Actually I have come to think of myself as Suburbia recently!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Suburbia - that was funny! Retain your attractive anonymity!

Lindsay said...

I think I like your Young Sprog very much indeed! When I was a child (many many moons ago) we always played in the street - all the seemingly forgotten games. We chalked hopscotch on the road, we roller skated crashing into our neighbours gate, we rode our bikes full pelt at the roundabout covered in cotoneaster (we fell into the bushes and the bikes went on skittering down the road). We climbed scaffolding (I got stuck in a sewer pipe which was yet to be laid and my mum was furious as she had to ask a big burly builder to hack me out). You may have guessed by now I was a complete tomboy much to my mother's grief, (now aged 63 I am still a tomboy much to Husband's amazement)!

Maggie May said...

Well, they shouldn't talk like that while eating crisps!

Suburbia said...

BS5 Thought you might like that!

Lindsay, sounds like you had a great time with lots of lovely memories.

Maggie, you know what it's like!!

Liz said...

Tonsillitis and constipation? Poor lad. And he doesn't even get a day off school.