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Friday, June 20, 2008

That's my boy.

It was my birthday this morning, well it's my birthday all day I guess but you know what I mean. The children came into bed to give home made cards and presents. It was lovely, but it was also a work/school day so not much 'hanging around' involved.

We have a tradition that there are chocolate croissants for breakfast on someones birthday. The children can pack away several. One makes me feel a little queasy so early in the morning, 11am is a good time, with a nice bowl of coffee to dip them in!

So the usual round of rushing and brushing took place. I couldn't resist a quick look at my blog before work. However as I was just reading some comments there was a howl from Small Sprog upstairs.
What now?
"Tall Girls got me wet" He whines
"No I didn't" She shouts downstairs.
She will deny anything, they both will, and I'm never sure who was the culprit on many occasions!
"Look!" I shout back"It's my birthday and I don't want to hear you two arguing!"
However I look up the stairs to see Small Sprog drenched. His top is wet through and he looks sorry.
"Don't worry" I sooth " Just go and put another one on!"

The last rush for the front door arrives. We all scoot out and push bags and jackets into the car. Half way down the road I remember the wet top. I look over my shoulder. He seems to have the same one on.
"Did you change your top?"
"Yes" He nods
"What did you do with the wet one?" I ask suspiciously
"I hung it on the floor to dry" He says sweetly!!
Of course, he's right, where else would you put it?!

These are for you.

Go on, have one, you know you want to.

Just one little one.

It is my birthday.

And besides, if you don't have one, someone else will come along and eat the lot!

This was my first cyber bouquet!

Thank you BS5


Rose said...

Happy Birthday! I even had this on my calendar, but wasn't thinking about the time difference or I could have posted this last night. This is also my youngest grandson's first birthday, so I'll think of you this weekend, too, when we have cake and ice cream.

Chocolate croissants sound yummy, though not at 7 AM.
I hope you have no more wet shirts the rest of the day and get a chance to enjoy yourself!

Rose said...

Well, those chocolates weren't there the first time I read your post! If they disappear for your later guests, I promise I didn't eat them all....well, maybe just a couple...

Susan said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I hope You are blessed with many many more. Sending you wishes of Peace for your Soul, Joy for your Spirit, and Love in and around your Life Always!

Suburbia said...

Rose and Susan, thank you. Rose...all the best people are born in June :)

girl with the mask said...

Happy birthday Suburbia! Another year older and wiser, eh?

Have a great day x-x-x

Liz said...

Happy Birthday!!! You kept that quiet. Are you going out tonight? Do you get a birthday surprise from husband later on?!

Thank you, I'll have the milk round one with the twirl on top.

Hanging to dry on the floor! Lovely. Younger Son (aged 23) still does that ...

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday to You! Hope you're being spoiled rotten this evening. My children also hang things to dry on the floor. Tsk. x

SpiralSkies said...

I often skulk about your blog but that made me so much I decided to delurk and wish you a happy birthday. Um. Happy Birthday.

Working mum said...

Happy Birthday! Don't you find things dry quicker on the floor?

Mean Mom said...

Heavens! What a close thing! I nearly missed it! I'd been meaning to come over all week and ask, when your birthday was.

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Suburbia!
Happy birthday to you!

Thanks for the chocolate. Actually, I had more than one! Hope you had a good day!

Dori said...

I know I'm late with this...but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And towels dry on the floor as well!

the mother of this lot said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day! Is there an orange creme in that layer?....No?....Can I go to the one underneath then, just to check?

Mean Mom said...

Where are you, then? Are those your feet, sticking out from under the table? Did the mother have the last orange creme? That's annoying. I never thought to check the layer underneath.


Well, I would love to get a chocolate croissant on by birthday but there isn't a good enough shop nearby that sells them!
Have a brilliant day!

P.S. That "where do babies come from" post was hilarious! The poor woman must have been so embrassed. Still, when I went through sex.ed. lessons the boys were terrible with us girlies - asking terrible questions they were!

Suburbia said...

Hi GWTM, wiser? definatly!!!

Liz how did you know about the 'surprise'?!! Well that's it 'till next year ;)

Hi Kitty, what are they like?!

Thanks for the wishes Spiralskies and thanks for de-lurking!

Working Mum, all the time! Best place really.

Mean Mom, thanks, so glad you didn't miss my birthday. I wish I had had the time to organise a party like yours it was such fun!

Hi Dori and Jamjarsuperstar!

starnitesky said...

Happy belated birthday Suburbia!
I am really sorry I am a day late and missed the chocs!! I hope it was a good one.

scrappysue said...

happy birthday! those choccies look(ed) divine!!!

this is my patch said...

I'm with the kids on the chocolate crossaint front, I could pack away more than one at any time of the day! That was a rather special looking box of chocolates you so wickedly tempted us with, knowing full well that we couldn't reach into the screen to take one. Anyway you're forgiven as it was your birthday, I hope it was a happy one. x