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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Jellyfish beach and other problems.....

BS 5 has asked where we holidayed last week and now you have seen some pictures I feel safe to say we were in Majorca. I know, I know, people that go there come home with over large Sombreros and a stuffed donkey under each arm. They are heavily tattooed and sing a drunken version of 'Viva Espania' all the way home on the plane. Well that's us folks!! No.. not really, but sadly this is the image that tends to go with the name. However it is a very beautiful island and the cheap and nasty touristy bits are easily avoidable.

So here we were ready for a relaxing and warm holiday in the sun. But things rarely go to plan and this was no exception.

The photo above is of our favourite beach. It looks like the perfect day for a swim. It was too, if you were a jellyfish! There were hundreds of them just in the shallow water on the shore. It was too dangerous to swim and they were so happy the little buggers were there all week! Last year the children loved the sea here but we drove down three times last week and never so much as dipped in a toe.

The weather was ridiculously unpredictable and the mosquitoes were very friendly. Oh yes and I got food poisoning! I've never felt so ill and Husband was worse than useless! All I wanted was someone to sooth me and tell me I'd be better soon! (I didn't want him to 'assist' in any way!) I don't usually need this sort of attention when I'm ill and prefer to be left alone but perhaps being somewhere else made me feel a little insecure and I really NEEDED MY MUMMY!!! Husband was completely inept at the job.
'I'm sacred' I said pathetically
'Oh, it was probably the stuffed aubergines, or the creme brulee or..'
'Don't talk about food' I whimpered. The thought of what I'd eaten hours before was not what I wanted to be reminded of especially as I knew that sometime soon I would be seeing it again one way or another!
'Talk to me about something that will take my mind of feeling sick.' I demanded
There was a long pause. I knew what he really wanted to do was to sit quietly and read his book!
'We ought to do another trip to the supermarket tomorrow, we need some more ........'
He couldn't do it. He was hopeless! He had no idea how to comfort me or what to say at all! In the end I said' Why don't you sit outside and finish your book.' It was really was the best place for him!


Susan said...

I am glad you all had a great with the exception of the food poisoning. Man can be complete idiots when a woman gets sick. I hope you are feeling better now. Sounds like you must be good food for the pesky mosquitoes.

Dragonstar said...

Mine would be like that - he'd have to discover exactly what caused the problem and discuss in minute detail all the worst things that could happen. Men are such a comfort!

Böbø said...

You need to pack him off to do some basic Counselling training. Then he'd be able to fully sooth you AND read his book.

I can't help thinking you're not selling Majorca well.

girl with the mask said...

Men are crap. When I was in Delhi and stuck in my hotel room sick, The Boyfriend went out for breakfast and came back with a mars bar and a coke. I was not impressed.

Maggie May said...

Oh dear, Sorry that happened to you! Food poisoning! I was in a similar position when Harry recently ended up in hospital with the same thing! I wa shaving a really good holiday till then. We both were!

Suburbia said...

Hi Susan, nice to see you again

Dragonstar, you suffer too!

Thanks Bobo, but that would be multi-tasking, I didn't think men were any good at that!!

GWTM, that's typical isn't it?! He could have least eaten it outside the door or something!

Maggie, how awful to end up in hospital on holiday. I was lucky!

BS5 Blogger said...

I am not going to get on the 'all men are crap' bus, but I hear you here, Suburbia!

A fine, sunny Saturday as I write. Love the weekend!

Rose said...

Food poisoning--definitely not fun! Men are totally useless in situations like this, at least mine is. Hope you recovered quickly to enjoy the rest of your stay.

Hullaballoo said...

Awww, that's horrid for you. Food poisoning is nasty. We had a jellyfish infested beach when we went to Majorca three years ago.

Men are well capable of soothing, even without counselling training. I am sure he is kind, loving and attentive in other ways. Just look at the incredible empathy he demonstrated towards the tv repair man whose dog had died.

Suburbia said...

That's so funny Hullaballo!

Liz said...

Husbands are useless at looking after one. (Do you like that? One. Very HMish)

So sorry to hear you were sicky - and had jellyfish. Was it only you? Sick not jellyfish-infested?

I'm not sure why being sick should make you holy though. (Sorry, Little Miss Pedantic picking up on typing errors!!)

Suburbia said...

Liz it was only me. Can't see the holy thing, rubbish typing and spelling!!