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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Everyone knows mothers have eyes in the back of their head!

We had a lovely but long day out today. On the way home we crossed the Severn Bridge. Small Sprog had fallen asleep and Tall Girl, who was sitting directly behind me in the car, was quiet.

Just as we were driving onto the M5, having crossed the bridge, Tall Girl pipes up from the back " Have we crossed the bridge yet?"
"Oh, you never told me we were crossing it!" She complains
"I didn't know I was supposed to" I retort (a mothers place is always in the wrong!)
"I really wanted to see the bridge" She whines again.
"Well sorry" I say "I didn't know you weren't looking out of the window!"
"But I really wanted to see something and now I've missed it"
"Well don't worry then, Daddy will just do a U-turn in the fast lane!" I say sarcastically
She harrumphs in the back of the car. We are all tired and a bit 'tetchy'.

A few seconds later Husband shouts out "Hey, Tall Girl, there's a sign! Oh look and some trees, now there's a big blue sign......."
I glance behind me. She is wearing her 'I am not amused' look together with her 'I have such stupid parents' eyebrows.
Husband always knows how to make things better!


Susan said...

Sounds like you have been riding in my car! We do that all the time and Mr. Honey is always adding to the frustration of the wee ones!

Alaina said...

I think they give all fathers a lesson in that because that sounds exactly like my father.

In fact... I think he just did that a couple of weeks ago!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi! Check out my place for a little happy end to this amusing tale.

No Small Sprog antics to report from Saturday then?

A very rare pleasure on the Severn Bridge is when one is approaching the toll booth and from a distance you see one barrier go up right after the other in a perfect Mexican wave from left to right. I have only seen it once but now I can't help but look for it!

Peter said...

hehehe, sounds like what car rides were like when I was younger! Can't remember if it was me or my sister who did the complaining though!

Great post!
Hope you're well!


the mother of this lot said...

Oh, how I know that look - and those eyebrows!

Dumdad said...

A sort of Bridge Over Troubled Waters moment!

Suburbia said...

Susan, It's so refreshing to know we all 'suffer' in the same way!!

Alaina, OMG it lasts that long?!

BS5,I like your style (!) only you could spot (and get excited about!) a toll booth mexican wave ;)

Peter, I be you blamed your sister!

MOTL, I'm greatful for the understanding!

Dumdad, brilliant! I might change the post title now :)

Elizabeth said...

Sounds about right to me!
Except if we went more than 5 miles, Claud would puke too.
Bet she would be mad at me for telling this -20 years later.
Funny how the car brings out the beat in us all....

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey Sub - a perfect Severn Bridge Mexican wave is a fine, fine thing!

Rose said...

Sounds like trips with my kids (and Husband's sarcastic comments are eerily similar to my Husband's). Actually, I think I used to sound like that when I was the one in the back seat.

Liz said...

I always get annoyed when i fall asleep and miss the bridge. It's so beautiful. I blame Husband. 'Why didn't you wake me?'
'I didn't know you wanted me to.'
And so on and so on ...

Ooh, strange crashing noises outside and it's not George.