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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two messy chores.

There was a dramatic thunderstorm here last night. It was rather spectacular and I was hoping that the rain may have encouraged the large mound of soil (actually three tones in the end) on our front drive to relocate to the back, down hill all the way. However this morning it was still there (bad luck) and ready for shifting.

It took most of the morning and my right (shoveling) arm now has double the biceps of yesterday! I could do with shoveling another three tones now, in a left handed way, just to even myself up a bit! Small Sprog and Tall Girl helped (with out making a fuss, which was strange) and after a while enlisted the nit children's help. The nit children brought rakes and shovels and another large barrow (and a small green plastic one which held roughly a tablespoon full!) which helped tremendously! The nit children are good at hard work, I was amazed how much they did before they got fed up with it!! The postman commented about slave labour and the neighbour (who timed it just right) arrived back from the supermarket just to see the last barrow full disappear down the drive!

The soil has done its job, which was to fill in a gaping hole at the bottom (why did it have to be right at the bottom?) of the garden. The previous owner had laid a concrete path down the whole of the right side of the garden, when he lived here. Husband dug it up about 6 years ago (his projects are renown for developing over extremely long periods of time!). There was a shed load of hardcore underneath the path so, after it had been dug out, we were left with more hole than garden in one corner. For a long time now (roughly 2 years) Husband has been about to order the soil! We didn't need three tones in hindsight! However he assures me it will settle and he now has plans to level other parts of the garden too. Hmmm, we may be here for some time to come. The greenhouse is still being eagerly awaited, but only by him!

Other urgent jobs over the last 24 hours have been de -pooing the rabbits bottom. Yes, oh the joys of pet keeping! Yesterday evening I discovered that Archer has given up on his personal hygiene and decided to opt for the saloon instead. He needed a Brazilian in fact! Poo all around his tail, yuck. So Husband and I braced ourselves for the full horror to come. We filled an old basin with water and tried to soak it off. He was such a good rabbit! I think he was petrified but at least he kept still. However after a long soak it was still stuck like.. well like what it actually was! So next we got out the scissors. I held him and husband began to cut away at the clump of immovable poo. We were using the best bathroom scissors and I made a mental note to sterilise them as soon as possible, particularly as husband uses them to trim his most handsome moustache!!

Bits of the clump of poo (you do have a strong stomach don't you?!) came away but it was so matted in close to his skin that I have booked him in to the vets to have it shaved off. It will probably cost me more than a full waxing but his life may depend upon it.

Husband had a dream last night that he was trimming his moustache. He dreamt that as he was doing it there was lots of fluff growing underneath his own hair, lots of, what looked like, bunny fluff!!

Now what did I do with those bathroom scissors?!


BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Suburbia, how are you?

I like the slave labour! Were you a good slave tasker or did you brandish a whip? (you know I don't mean whips in an inappropriate way?!)

Good luck with the rabbit and his shave.

Does H have a top 'tache like Magnum PI?

Aha, NUSBL are the verification letters here:


Suburbia said...

BS5, did you cheat?!!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Heck just came up with it and that was that. I did in fact mistype it and then another verification came along but the 1st was spot on and reflective of your output.

beckie said...

Surburbia, you are a brave soul indeed to tackle bunny pooh. And you are to be commended for the huge task of moving the dirt. Both jobs-Well Done!!

Suburbia said...

BS 5 thank you, How could I have doubted you?! A gentle man as always!

dulwichmum said...

Dear Suburbia,

I like your blog, keep it up - who knows where it could lead!

Thank you for your kind support.

Bea x

Barbara said...

Gosh you have all worked hard today, I hope you don't wake up aching tomorrow.

After many years of having rabbits I have done that same job many times - not very pleasant!

Suburbia said...

Thank you Dulwichmum,
I'm honoured to have a famous blogger at my place.
Sweet of you to comment (nicely!!).
Hope all goes well for you.

Suburbia said...

Hi Starnitesky, I think I may!!
Not pleasant for human and rabbit poor thing. Did you end up taking yours to the vet?

Salute said...

Nice blogging and very interesting.
Well put together.

Rose said...

What we won't do for our pets! Our Buddy the Bunny never had that problem (just left little pellets all over my house). But my daughter's dog is a Pomeranian with a fluffy tail, so if he gets a little digestive upset, he sometimes has the same problem. When I see him scooting his behind along the carpeting (!), it's time to get the scissors!
I was wondering where all that dirt you mentioned at the end of the last post was going; sounds like lots of work--good for the "nit children" for helping you out.

XXYXX said...

I'm warming to your husband's project management time scales and have made a quick mental note: no rabbits!

Dumdad said...

Bunny poo and bottoms - just what I needed first thing Sunday morning! I do hope Archer isn't too traumatised. (A bunny Brazilian indeed!)

And thanks for visiting my blog.

Kitty said...

Eeewwww, for some reason I've gone right off the chocolate covered raisins. x

Dragonstar said...

Over the years I've had to clip many a doggy-bum (Very hairy dogs and eating indiscretions mix rather messily, and in a large way!) I have a special pair of round-ended scissors kept with the grooming stuff. I never had to worry about hiding it from little fingers - no-one wanted to go near it - LOL!

the mother of this lot said...

Sounds like a character-building day!

MissKris said...

I mentioned you and linked to you in my blog today. I think our husband's were cut from the same cloth, haha! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Yikes, poopy rabbits. I had absolutely no idea they did that lol lol.


scargosun said...

That is a lot of dirt...both the garden varity and also the bunny variety. ;)

Glad you got your garden straightened out. I really need to work harder on mine.

Liz Hinds said...

You lead such an exciting life, suburbia!

Your husband and mine should get together and compare notes.