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Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Lovely Mum

Mum came to visit today. I was so looking forward to seeing her. The dark cloud that resides over the house at the moment needed to be dispelled and she normally whooshes in with enough energy to swoosh it away, for a while anyway. It is hard at the moment. I know that she is a little shy of phoning me here, and she doesn't 'do' mobile phones! She is visiting less too, although, to be fair, that is mostly due to a small op on her foot a few weeks ago.

Anyway, she was just letting herself in as I returned home from work. She brought a home made banana cake, a magazine article and a birthday card for Tall Girl (only 4 months late!) which she had found in the bottom of an old carrier bag!! She busied about, chatting about this and that, but I knew there were a million things she wanted to say and ask but wasn't sure if she should.

I made some lunch and we settled down for a few hours together. We chatted, caught up, mulled over, cried a bit and did generally girly things! She also read some of my blog! Yes, really!! She wanted to know what a googlies were!!! She meant Google, bless her, and she couldn't understand the concept of a blog. However, after having a look for a while, she decided that it looked "Fun and much better than telly"! I don't think she'll ever start one herself (no puter for a start!) but at least she doesn't think it's 'odd' any more!

And to add to her technological confusion, she is now in possession of my old mobile phone, which is a million times more advanced than the one she has been using for years! However teaching her how to use it was quite a task! She left us around 5.30 this afternoon, waving frantically as she reversed (quickly) out of the drive, having promised to call when she got home, just to say she was safe. She called just under an hour later on my mobile!! Wow, a whole afternoon of technology and she was calling my mobile for the first time! I answered it and she said"Oh, I just pushed your name and it called you!" Well, yes mum, that's what it is supposed to do!!

Later on she called again, on the land line this time. She was confused! How do you turn it off??! I suspect that it will stay off most of the time now, but hey, we had a great day.

PS. Husband is away tonight, so the little cloud has not come back yet.


Tim Atkinson said...

Sounds like it. And what is it about banana cake just lately? That's the second blog-post reference I've seen, and Sarah made one at the weekend too!

Mean Mom said...

I like banana cake. Perhaps you could save me a piece.

I'm so glad that your mum cheered you up a bit! Sorry about the cloud's imminent return.

Maggie May said...

Your Mum is doing very well and I hope she manages to use the mobile regularly.
Was not long ago that I wouldn't use a mobile or computer! Glad I learned!

Rose said...

This sounds like just the kind of afternoon you needed! Banana cake sounds yummy right now, and I had to laugh at the late birthday card. My late MIL used to find presents she hidden away and forgotten about and would give them to the kids late. Now I'm the one who sometimes does that:) Enjoy your day of sunshine!

Dori said...

Yea for Mums! :D

Susan said...

Mom's are so special aren't they! I love how mine shys away technology and is just now using a mobile phone~but limited. But as to blogging~she doesn't get it and too scared to try a computer for anything!! Have a great and peaceful evening and good luck on the weekend! You are in my thoughts!

BS5 Blogger said...

Sub Sr will be Facebooking, Blogging and Twittering before you know it, and she'll perhaps pick up an HD ready flatscreen TV with a Blu Ray player!

Sounds a nice afternoon spent together.

Any of that cake left?

Kitty said...

Thank goodness for banana cake! As I see the bananas turning to overripe, I know I'll be making another one.

My mum has a 'basic' mobile phone. She can text though, and occasionally emails too. Bless 'em, eh?


Anonymous said...

I always forget how technology-averse the next generation up is. My mum has no computer, no mobile, no internet. She regards them all as some bizarre fashion that'll probably vanish again tomorrow, like short skirts or scented candles. Mind you, I'm probably lucky she doesn't have email or she'd be bothering me every five minutes with some trivial question.

Casdok said...

My mum is the same! Glad you had a great day :)

Suburbia said...

BS5, the cheek of it!! Obviously there is cake left. (Swop you some for a good B&S?)! And, Sub senior 'twitters' very well with out the help of technology thank you !!

Kitty, sadly I failed to teach her how to text, still, she is very good at cake:)

Thanks Susan, what will we be adversed to at that age I wonder?

Dori, that's me and you too huh?!!

Yes Rose, I am always aware that I will be in her shoes one day.

Wow Maggie, really? Then perhaps I can pursuade her to text?!!

Mean Mom, what will you swap me for a piece????!!
Nick , How do they manage with out all that stuff?!!!

Dotterell, SPOOKY! invasion of banana cakes, scary thought!

Steve said...

Your mum sounds like a modern version of Mary Poppins. Can she pull enormous hat-stands out of her handbag?

Jennysmith said...

Glad you had some quality time with your mum, sweetie.

Gosh, you showed her your blog! My mum - and most of my friends actually - don't even know what a blog is! I'm terribly lonely in that respect. Cool! - as Son would say.


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Hold on to your Mum Suburbia! She sounds lovely, crazy and just the sort of Mum to treasure.

Have a good weekend, although I know it will be difficult, just bear in mind the future is a blank page, and you can write good words on it.

Let Husband have his say, but plough your own furrow. Live for today, don't look back, and hey, the future is an unwritten page, WRITE ON IT!

Never mind one dull day out with Husband, just take it as it comes, live through it, the future is bright, I know it.

Be brave!

love from Letty Who Is On Your Side!!

Hug your Tall Girl and Small Sprog they are worth it............

as you know!

lotsaluv Letty and Family xxxx plus the wisest Dog in the Whole World ;0D

Hope I have made you smile at least!

Reasons said...

Mum's like that are pure gold dust. Especially when we are not on the same planet as our men folk.

Working Mum said...

I agree with your mum - better than the telly!

Lakeland Jo said...

I am not fond of bananas but I love banana cake ( and banoffee pie).
Hurray for mums ( but not mums with mobiles- I don't think my mum will ever get her head round hers)

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh Surburbia........just thinking good thought your way, and hoping it this away day not too stressful.

love and much light.

Letty xxxxxxx yeah logged in again as my freaking dog...... but the wishes are meant from the heart and as you know from past comments, he is the wisest hound.........;00)

david mcmahon said...

Mums are so special to us.

this is my patch said...

Mums are great to have around, I miss mine very much. There is nothing like a mum to tell all your worries and troubles to. Oldies and technology, I have the same problem! What I do is write all instructions down word for word, this usually helps, that's if they don't mislay the instructions that is! x

Saz said...

hey Suburbia congratulations, fellow POTD contender!!!
It makes for a lovely morning when David has been a visiting!!

Maggie May said...

Congratulations on POTD!

cheshire wife said...

Once a Mum. Always a Mum.

Anonymous said...

Being a mum is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

Ah bless! Aren't mums great. Mine has no technological understanding either. Hope your mum doesn't make the same mistake and forget to hang up after taking a call on her mobile - a huge bill could then arrive!

Anonymous said...

Visits from mums are terrible important aren't they. I wish my mum would use her mobile phone. It's switched off most of the time and she hasn't a clue how to send a text!

CJ xx

Cath said...

Over from authorblog - I feel like I have come in half way through a conversation but it seems to me that bridges are being built.
Keep building. It is worth it in the end.
Congrats on POTD.